If you enjoy a good documentary from time to time, it might not come as a surprise that YouTube actually has tons of free to watch documentaries. From famous, controversial ones like Zeitgeist to new approaches toward technology, religion, environment and many more. Our world is a beautiful wonder and the man who can understand it all has not been born yet. But some of us try their best to do so. Brilliant people, amazing inventions are always trying to help the humankind and they deserve to be known.


There is something empowering in these documentaries, they unveil new perspectives, they make you curious and willing to do more. If you are struggling to catch the perfect documentary to expand you knowledge and enlighten you on a specific topic, you will love this list.


There is a great series produced by Discovery called Secrets of the Ancient Empires, with about 50 minutes each, it is a great tale of the first signs of modernization. From the appearance of great cities, to merchants and building security, it is comprehensive and entertaining at the same time.

You cannot miss the two most important wars in the history of our world. For the Complete History of World War II, you can watch this collection. It’s long, but the footage is incredible. Filled with recording of the time and a great narration, you must include it in your to watch list.

More documentaries in the war topic, you can find on the YouTube channel War Documentary. From their extensive list, I’d recommend Never Ending War in Afghanistan. Since I’ve mentioned it, you can also see The Secret History of 9/11, in the opinion of great personalities, it is one of the most accurate film on the subject.

Since we’re already talking about modern history, you can also watch the Industrial Revolution, a change that shaped the World as we know it.

Science and Technology

For those of you more concerned about the current state of the events and the development of science, there are a few good documentaries you can watch.

Although John Heilemann is not my favorite storyteller, this film about the impact of the Internet is worth watching. A bit old, but there are some great minds speaking about the corporations which have shaped the modern era.

Speaking of corporations, from Bloomberg Business we have a few profile documentaries about great entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Kravis, Steve Jobs and many more.

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can discover all kind of films about particular subjects. So next time you want to watch something serious, just browse YouTube and start with BBC documentaries. Enjoy!