Time to prepare your Halloween costume. With a day left until the magic night, you must try a cool outfit. If you plan on buying something new, trying a new makeup or sewing something, start at least one day earlier, you don’t want to panic and miss out the party.
Remember that this is the time to bring the creep out of you or be the sluttyest of them all without being judged. But what’s the trend for 2015? How do people dress up for this year?

halloween ghost

Well since we’re a creature that loves to brag, it’s pretty easy to find out. I’ve browsed a bit the social networks and there are quite a few example on what costumes will people wear this Halloween.

Skeleton Costume

Well, this is and will be a pretty costume from generations to come (probably). If you have some skills at doing makeup you can watch a tutorial on how you can do a skeleton effect on your face. As for the costume, here are some pretty finds from Instagram.

Hackney Halloween. #trick #treat #Halloween #halloweencostume

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Tim Burton Style

Oh, Tim Burton is a never ending source of inspiration. This year, the dead bride seems to be on top. Lots of beauty bloggers are doing tutorials on this makeup, I saw tons of articles on how to make your perfect dead bride dress. Guys, although a dead groom is not in this book, you can always go as a more fancy zombie or just pick any other of  Tim Burton’s characters. This style is appropriate even for kids.

I’m ready for school! 💀

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This kid…..??! #edwardscissorhands #halloween #costume #costumecontest #timburton #johnnydepp

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The walking dead

Well, this is a broad spectrum of creepy dead/ injured/ zombie costume. Here things can go from spooky to dreadful creepy. So be advised, this is not children appropriate! If you want be really cool, you must have a hidden painter in you. It’s not an easy task to create awesomely real cuts, exposed flesh, dripping blood and more. But here are some guys who did an exquisite job!

Oh, but who are we kidding!? The options are simply limitless. You can go as a blood thirsty vampire, a superhero, a movie character, a clown, an animal, wear an uniform or cover yourself in body painting. You have so many options to stand out, use them in your advantage.

Happy Halloween!