When a woman receives the news about the birth of a tiny individual within her there runs an innumerable amount of emotional rush throughout her body, where she doesn’t know how can she contain her feelings of happiness, of content, of excitement and even of fear. Becoming a mother is a full time job where there is no money in exchange just a bunch of kisses and hugs and limitless supply of love. Having a baby bump is one of the most beautiful sights you can see, knowing that at the end of all of your pain, you will have a beautiful child that you will call yours. Fertility Plus are one of millions of fertility clinics that make your dreams of becoming a parent come true.

There is no doubt regarding the blessings attached with motherhood but still being a human being women do feel the frustration of the constant work burden they have to bear in terms of raising a child or two. The moment a woman realizes about her pregnancy she starts fancying about her life along with a child and the responsibilities she will have to accept. Also, it is a tough phase to go through for women who tirelessly work towards their fitness and fashion goals.

Everyone knows how hard it is to stay fit and healthy when there is so much of attraction in junk food and beverages and to achieve fitness and health through workout and gyming has become more of a trend. For fashion concerned Mommy’s to be their main concern is carrying on with the rapidly increasing baby weight along with ways to style themselves around the bump. Fact is there are many women out there who actually make an effort during their pregnancy to not only look good but feel good as well and this in real is not as had as many might seem. You just have to walk along the lines of your personal style statement making a few adjustments here and there. We are sure that these smart tips will help you accessorize your wardrobe and your pretty little bump all the way.

Pregnant Woman

Style Ideas for the First Trimester:

So this is where it all begins and needless to say you are still a couple of months away when the bump becomes obvious to almost everyone. The good news has been shared amongst the family and friends and everyone including you are more than excited for the new member to arrive healthy and happy. Since, this is the beginning phase of your pregnancy it means that your body will be slowly progressing towards the bump and you still have the chance to utilize your old clothes as much as possible.

You can still fit in your old jeans so better not set it aside and make full use of it, if you have started to feel a little uncomfortable in jeans then you can always switch to wearing leggings (whichever style you prefer). For tops you can go for slightly loose floral tunics and can perfectly pair them up with a subtle blazer or if you wish to funk things up you can anytime reverse the duo by topping a white dress shirt with an uptown blazer. By now your chest would have started blooming and you might need to reconsider using old buttoned down shirts.

Moving on to the Second Trimester:

This is usually the adjustment phase as reported by most of the women. What more can you expect from a Mommy to be where she has passed on from a phase when she wakes up all grumpy and not in the mood to have anything to eat due to the constant urge to vomit for no reason at all. Since, morning sickness takes away most of the fun part of the morning, in the second trimester your body has adjusted and the morning sickness has visibly reduced. So for working women this means that they have plenty of time to pick up your dress and accessories to go with it. By this time your bump is all out and about for everyone to see. Women prefer comfort over style by now and this doesn’t mean they can’t go along with both.

Dresses are your best friend now (for me they are a must throughout the pregnancy) and you can accessorize them with a high waist belt that rather glorifies the bump. It is advised that now you should go about shopping for maternity jeans if you are not into wearing dresses since the growing belly cannot withstand the pressures of the old jeans and needs a new pair that can stretch all the way. Good point about dresses though is that you can also slide on the jeans underneath if you are not in the mood to shave or showoff a lot of skin, for the day.

Hopping onto the Final Trimester:

The time’s almost here and your nervousness is slowly increasing. We know it’s not just you but everyone around you that are more than excited to witness the arrival of the tiny little angel. By now the bump is there, wide and round with your body has gone through almost all of the size change by now. The best and the most comfortable material for Mommy’s to be in this phase is Lycra/Jersey. This material has the power to stretch all the way through. Though, the only option to utilize this material is through Maxi dresses.

The cut that we would love to suggest would be empire waist, this way not only will it be far more comfortable but you will be able to stylize it easily with belts or blazers. You can feel free to change the look of the dress with the help of digital printed scarves or chunky thick and waist long necklaces. Prints too play a well enough role in defining your pregnancy figure and it is advised to lay your hands off of huge floral prints and horizontally placed stripes, you will never find any good out of these two. Moreover, if you still love to bring the sexy out then allow yourself to indulge in some good deep V-neck dresses as this is the time you might want to flaunt that blossoming cleavage.

Mommy’s to be need to know how important it is to stay happy while they are trying to find the best outfit, shoes and even accessories for themselves. Being pregnant is not the easiest thing in the world but it blesses you with the feeling that cannot be replaced by anything in this entire world.