It was our pleasure to discover Keiko’s work when she first submitted her work to be featured on our blog. She’s Spanish, she’s 22 years old and has an extraordinary talent for photography. Currently she’s a freelance photographer and writer.

To find out more about her journey and discover her amazing work, she was kind enough to answer us a few questions.

So say “Hello!” to Keiko.

Laura: Keiko, anyone who reads a bit about your beginnings sees you started photography quite early. Tell us how did it emerge from an interest into a passion and later into a career?

Keiko: Well, I have to say that I can not refer to photography as more than a hobby not even today. It is a passion, I love it and I really to enjoy myself by doing it. Over time I realized that it is very difficult to talk about photography as a career. For now I have accepted it as avocation and I think that may be a reason why I enjoy it even more.

L: Do you feel that your education influenced your path?

K: Absolutely! Every positive (or even negative) person, every good or bad experience, helps me to grow personally and to develop and refine more my style.

L: I saw quite a big difference between you projects. If in some you play with fantasy concepts, others are quite blunt and realistic. What influences you the most when choosing a new approach?

K: What has really happened is that my influences have changed, so I did. I’m not the same girl from a couple of years ago, I’m no longer interested in fine photography. Now what I try to do is to show a realistic picture of the human beings and all that surrounds them. I guess that is called maturity!?

Keiko McCartney Photography

L: In an interview you mentioned Gabriel García Márquez is one of your favorite authors and that his work has inspired you. Tell us a bit more about this connection you see between photography and literature?

K: The magical nature of the work of Gabriel García Márquez has always seemed admirable to me, so I tried to apply that abnormal essence in my first photographs. It’s basically a game in which the viewer is committed what he sees and interprets it in their own way!

L: We know that a picture speaks a thousand words and that you believe in a story told through photographs. Are you afraid that people will see a different story from the one you perceived and transmitted?

K: No, I love it! It shows their own expectations from life, soul and reality.

Keiko McCartney Photography 2

L: Share with us a few secrets and insights to let us better understand your work. Give us one photograph and tell us what it means to you.

K: For example, Der Körper speaks of desolation and loneliness. The fragility of a woman when she feels empty and useless. Anonymity protects her from reality, from herself.

Der Körper

L: As seen in the examples you provided, all your photos have beautiful models. Is it a struggle to find them?

K: No! Normally they are friends or similar.

L: What do you see as the biggest challenge in photography?

K: To explain abstract concepts. Really.

Keiko McCartney Photography People

L: I also read a few of your articles (although my Spanish is a bit rusty) and I saw a resemblance to your photography: they are filled with emotions. Do you feel inspired by the same things when writing and photographing?

K: Not really. Normally everything that I write has some relationship with my photography, but my writing is usually more raw and melancholic than my photography. Keep in mind that an image is a snapshot, while writing may proceed to infinity and can be rewritten again and again.

Keiko McCartney Photography Girl

L: Between two big passions, do you still find time for anything else?

K: Of course I do! I also spend my time reading, studying and looking for good opportunities. ?

Keiko McCartney Photography beauy

L:Should we keep an eye open for any new projects?

K: Absolutely! But at the moment it is a secret!

To find out more about her work, take a quick look at her website.

Thank you Keiko for sharing your thoughts and art with us. I’ll be on the lookout for your new projects.


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