If you are part of a company which even remotely likes Christmas and the idea of gift swapping, you’ll end up buying Secret Santa gifts. The principle is simple, you gather the team, you add all the names in a bowl and everyone extracts one. If you don’t have the time to do this, than you can go the modern way and use a name draw application, there are tons available for free.

Now you have a name, a colleague, a friend, or a family member. You most probably have decided upon a budget, all that is left is for you to buy a gift. This is the tricky part. If the name is a close friend, a person with some very specific hobbies or interests things should get less complicated.  So the first step would be to grasp some info about that person and if you don’t know them good enough, it might imply a bit of online stocking. So check their Facebook profile, look at their interests and likes, where they have been and what are the topic they actively post about. See if they have a Goodreads account, for some easy picks. And the list goes on and on, search them on Google and basically give yourself the freedom to scoop some dirt.

Gifts for wine aficionados

A good wine is a remedy for any bad day. If the person in quest appreciates it and knows exactly how efficient wine therapy is, then this glass will be a perfect fit.

wine glass

Found on Amazon at $14,95

If you have yourself a woman who loves wine and sassy jewelry, try and mix these two passions. On Etsy I found this nice charm bracelet at $16.99.

wine charm bracelet

Now this one exceeds a bit the $20 limit, but I love the world map from the handle. This corkscrew would be a great touch for someone who treasures good wine and love to travel.


Found at Wine Enthusiast at $23,99

Now, if humor is appreciated, this door mat will do the trick.

door mat

Found here at $19,99

Gifts for coffee & tea drinkers

If you are dealing with a woman, then jewelry with or about coffee is a good option. Take a look at these awesome rings we wrote about a while ago.

Otherwise, you can get all kind of cool accessories, ranging from cool mugs, to canisters, grinders, pots, you have many, many options. Take a look a these finds.

Gourmet hand powered grinder $19.99 at Amazon.

coffee grinder

A build-on Lego mug at $9,99 from here.

Lego mug

Personalize a tea cup and get it all nice wrapped up at $14.99.

personalized tea cup

Gifts for book enthusiasts

Now this is a rather large category. If you haven’t managed to find out exactly which book would be a good fit as a gift, try something more general. Or if you really panic, buy a gift certificate at a book store.

Meanwhile, I found some really nice book related gifts.

I couldn’t resist adding this cool mole bookmark. So cute! Would definitely love one for Secret Santa. 😀 It costs £12.00, you can find it here.

mole bookmark

A funny T-shirt is a sure bet in many circumstances, take a look on Etsy, you’ll find many similar to this, at $15- $20.

book t-shirt

Another good choice are bookends, on Amazon there are tons of examples. This one is $14.99.


Gifts for geeks

The magic word here is gadget. As cooler, as new, as interesting as it can get.

For example, this kind of Google Cardboard Headset is trending right now. At it’s at a reasonable price of $15.99.

Google headset

If Star Wars is the thing right now, maybe you can go with this R2-D2 Lunch Bag.

lunch bag

If impressed by graphic design, try this letterpress desk calendar, looks really cool and costs $16.


Well, hope you gained some inspiration and you will find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa.