Video games have been one of the most popular types of entertainment for our generation. Our parents still remember the first video games but most young people are lucky to try versions that are more advanced. Considering the increased interest to video games and the industry in general, it is possible to hear so many controversial opinions and beliefs. Some say that video games are extremely dangerous and back up their views by specific facts. Other people support technological progress and state that computers, and even video games, have positive impact on the young generation.


Online games teach people to make decisions faster. Playing and even gambling people have to analyze and memorize different information as well as make decisions immediately. All these factors lead to having faster CPU. They also strengthen players’ ability to retrieve information and quickly react. This is not something you can learn from online casino guide.

There is an opinion that gaming can help overcome dyslexia. One of the main problems of dyslexia is attention difficulty, which is overcome by necessity to concentrate while playing in order to adapt to changing environment of the game and achieve positive results.

Researchers consider that some games can develop leadership traits and other skills that will be useful further in life. Ability to provide for gaming “communities” and secure their safety can actually encourage skills that can greatly help in pursuing career prospects.

Games can be a good substitution of painkillers. By concentrating on the games, its rules and strategy, people with serious health problems get distracted from their pain. It is believed that gaming has an analgesic response in human body.

Most people think that gaming makes people isolated and limits their sociable opportunities. But the facts show quite the opposite. Online gaming with complex strategies makes players work together in order to do complex tasks and solve problems. Research also shows that online gaming is the reason why friends gather in person – around 75 percent play with people they know in real life.

Gaming has stress reducing abilities. While some gamers experience shock when see their character gone down, others experience a completely different “side-effect”. Scientists conducted a research and studied gamers over the period of 6 months. They measured gamers’ heart rate and found out that the response of adrenaline reduced with time by more than 50 percent.

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This proves that apart from having disadvantages, gaming also have strong benefits. Nevertheless, one of the best and the most important things in life is ability to find a balance in everything, including gaming.