The passion to travel has inspired many people. Discovering new places in an adventure that keeps many of us alive and gives us a feeling of satisfaction. Travelers are usually creative people, creative people usually like to surround themselves with crafty decorations.

To create the perfect mood for your wanderlust soul, you just need to take some time and look over these amazing ideas and create the perfect atmosphere.

Door with maps

It’s as easy at it sounds. Grab a big map or two, take some glue, a pair of scissors are recreate this amazing door. It looks great at you’ll feel  that a new adventure expects you every time you open it.

Door with MapsI’ve found the image here.

Wanderlust Globe

Match your globe with your home. At Style Me Pretty Living I discovered this step by step guide to create an amazing globe. You will need the globe (of course), black and your favorite color acrylic paint, gold spray paint, gold paint pen. Take a look at what you could get.

Wanderlust Globe

Map Wall

This can go many ways. From putting together a bunch of maps and use them as a tapestry, to framing maps and creating a beautiful map gallery to my personal choice of pinning your memories to a map on a wall. You can find a wall sticker in the shape of a World map or paint it yourself. Them grab your most beloved pictures from your travels and place them around your map. With a ball of yarn drag and pin each photo to the location it was taken. It look s amazing and it’s a great idea to keep your memories fresh.

Map WallThis example I found it here.

Frame your tickets

Each time you travel somewhere you end up with lots of tickets. From public transportation, to admission tickets for famous objectives, concert tickets, you collect tons of them during every single journey. Stop trowing them away. Keep them and create a beautiful display to showcase you travels. I’ve found this creative frame here. It’s perfect to have all your tickets in one place.

Tickets Frame

Globe Lamp

You can choose the easy way and grab an illuminated globe like the one bellow from Fancy or you can create one for yourself. Buy  a wooden globe and make a small hole beneath it. Place inside a string of decor lights, leave the plug out and glue the missing piece back. Now, with a hand chisel make small holes on the locations you already visited. Now light the globe. It will look amazing!

Globe Lamp

Do you have any decorations made especially to inspire your traveling nature?