Video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to communicate with an online audience. Modern video creation technologies, video sharing websites, social media websites and a huge number of talented video specialists have all contributed to make video one of the biggest advances in the online world.

Online Video Camera

Millions of hours of content in video format can be found on almost every topic you can imagine. Video has become so popular that a range of new industries that didn’t exist a few years ago are now affecting millions of people’s lives. New types of jobs, entertainment and ways to communicate are available which were unheard of a decade or two ago. These are some of the most effective ways video is currently being used online.

Advertising and Marketing

The advertising and marketing industries usually employ innovative people who find ingenious ways to build brand awareness and inform other people about products and services they want to sell. Video is the perfect tool to achieve this objective.

Before video became so popular and easy to produce, text was the format usually used to sell products online. Sales letters, opt-in forms and other text based sales messages are effective. However, advertising and marketing content in video format is much more powerful. It’s easy to consume information and get your point across to potential customers. As well as this, content in video format is easy to distribute and share. Video sharing websites and social media websites are the perfect places to add a business’ advertising and marketing messages. Once added, your content can be shared with huge audience’s which would not have been possible or affordable through other methods in the past.

Trusting a product or service is also an issue for online businesses, advertisers and marketers. It’s difficult to trust an organization that only displays some text and images about themselves online. However, video has made it easier for a business to be more transparent. Business owners, employees and customers can all feature in videos. The most effective ways to do this include introductions to a business, testimonials, and reviews of a business’ products and services.

Product and Service Demonstrations

When someone wants to find out about a new product or service, they normally ask for some kind of demonstration. In the early years of the internet this was difficult to do, because most of the communication that took place was text or audio based. However, creating a video that shows you how a product or service works is an extremely quick and easy way to carry out a demonstration.


The education sector is changing at a rapid pace. It’s as easy to learn a new skill or get information through a video on a smartphone, as it is to attend an expensive course in a college many miles away. Educators are adapting to this new reality and video is at the center of their plans for future training and education.

Videos are easy to consume. You can learn at your own speed and have a better understanding of the topic you’re studying. This is a huge change from traditional methods of training and education. Game based training in particular is making it much easier to learn new skills and obtain information in a more interactive way.

Businesses are also adapting to this new way of learning. Sending people to expensive training sessions was often a costly exercise. In many cases, employers had to pay for travel, accommodation, food and drink and the courses themselves. This could become costly. Today, many businesses are currently using the power of online video instead to provide these courses and reduce their training expenses throughout the year. For example, if you have a business in the Miami area, you can easily hire a Miami Video Production Company that will create high quality training videos based around your requirements.


The way we are entertained is shifting away from more traditional technologies such as TV and radio to the internet. The latest developments in the online video industry are one of the main reasons for this. Huge numbers of people flock to video sharing websites, digital video rental sites and similar online video providers every day. These are the places people visit online to be entertained, listen to music and watch TV shows and movies.

The power of online video affects millions of people’s lives. The way we advertise, market, learn and are entertained has changed as a result of this technology. This trend looks set to continue as our appetite for video increases and it’s used in more areas of our lives.