Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought we can set a bit of a romantic setting. So if you want to see some free movies online, YouTube is always a good place to start searching. Among the billions of videos, with a bit of patience you’ll find a good movie to watch, I can assure you.


Finding a full-length movie on YouTube may not be an easy task, but it’s a great way to discover good, old movies you somehow missed or want to re-watch. So here is my pick for ten most romantic movies you can watch on YouTube. Please don’t expect full HD quality. 😛

Dear John

If you like Channing Tatum, you’ll find this movie adorable. John and Savannah fall in love while she’s on spring break from college and he is home on a two-week leave from Germany, where he serves as a sergeant for the Special Forces. They think they will be apart only for one year, when John is supposed to come back home, but after the 9/11 attack things take a different turn.

YouTube link here.

Remember Sunday

Have you seen 50 First Dates? If yes, it’s basically a reversed story. Gus is a jewelry store clerk who lost his short term memory. That’s why when he meets Molly he need to remind himself to fall for her again, every single day.

YouTube link here.

If Only

A greedy business man realizes what actually is more important in life only after he witnesses the tragedy of losing his girlfriend. But in this story he has the chance to re-live that day all over again.

Watch it on YouTube here.

If Only quotes

Just Friends

A womanizer who meets his first crush, the rejection that transformed him in the man he is today. A long friendship that hides a secret crush that now is brought to light during Christmas.

You can see it here.

10 Years

A high school reunion brings back an old group of friends. Being back together they realize there are still the same in many ways and some of their feeling are yet unchanged.
YouTube link here.

Stuck in Love

A whole year from the life of an acclaimed author, his ex-wife and two kids. A story about patience and rediscovery. A beautiful tale about the complexion of life.

YouTube link here.

Just Like Heaven

In this movie Reese Witherspoon is a ghost trapped in her own apartment. While trying to deal with her new condition, things get even more complicated when a young architect moves into her apartment.

YouTube link here.

Just Like HeavenUnconditional

This one is more of a drama than a romantic movie, but still it embodies so beautifully the power of love. Watch the struggle of a woman who deals with losing her husband in a random act of violence.

YouTube link here.

The Proposal

One of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies. Imagine an independent woman who dedicated all her efforts to building herself the perfect career. Except she built it in another country. Now, in order to keep her visa and her dream profession she has to forcefully marry her own assistant, the handsome Ryan Reynolds. Think you can guess what happens next?

YouTube link here.

Wish you were here

A story of a rebellious girl who struggles to challenge everything. Growing up with her father and sister, after World War II, she becomes a curious teenager in matters of sexual experiences. Eventually all this playing around gets her pregnant. See what happens next here.

There are plenty more movies for you to discover and enjoy, find them.