Alarm rings.
Get up.
Wash face.
Brush teeth.
Dress up.
Go to work.
Get home.
Do chores.
Feel exhausted.
Fall asleep.

Bill Burr

In any order you put it, this a normal day of our life. And it’s funny how easy it is to create a pattern that simply adapts for everybody. Modern days have conveyed us to rush, to struggle, to get lost. We are an ocean of people fighting to get to the surface and take that one leap that will put us in history. And the lower we sink, the uglier live gets.
We either complain about mundane things or we get lost in the complexity of life around us, because acknowledging world problems is overwhelming we much rather prefer to narrow our horizon and become attached only to our near proximity. Is it bad or good? I think it’s neither.

Every person looks as far as their own soul lets them. And we are not all strong enough to see the bottom of the ocean, that’s clear. Or maybe it’s just a view we wouldn’t like to live with.Health

But the most important thing is that we all find a way to survive here. We make small groups, we integrate into communities, we fall under patterns and we live our lives the best possible way. At least that’s what we think, because most of the time, unless faced with a real situation – good or bad – we settle. And here is where routine enters our life.

Embrace it, it’s not a bad thing, make sure only that your routine covers not only your needs but also allows you to grow and from time to time break out of it. Break the rules you established for yourself, get out of your comfort zone and take up new challenges.

inspirational stonesThat’s the real beauty of a modern life, we do have the means, it’s in our power to explore them.