Have you seen the list of Oscar nominated movies for this year. The Best Picture section has some nice names and amazing movies. Th usual scandal, jokes and buzz around the event is impregnate this year again. We’ve seen people joking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance and many fans are crossing finger so that maybe this year he’ll finally go home with a statue.

Some of the name are quite familiar, other are new, but all in all we got ourselves a nice long list and a gorgeous event to look forward to.

Now let’s see the movies that got to the top this year. Here is the complete list of movies nominated for Best Picture.

The Big Short

With a 7.9 score on IMDB, this movie depicts the story of a four men who managed to predict the housing crisis from the mid-2000s. It has good actors, an engaging story, good characters but it’s a bit hard to understand for the general audience. Lot’s of terms and financial stuff. Still they made a great job explaining it.

Bridges of Spies

This one has a 7.7 score and  the same 81 Metascore as the previous one. Based on a real story of an American lawyer who gets to negotiate the exchange of spies with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It starts slaw, but it keeps you captivated, the development of characters it’s great done, the settings are marvelous.


A lower score of 7.6 on IMDB, but a higher Metascore of 87. The story follows a young Irish immigrant that arrives in Brooklyn in the 50s. She finds herself hanging between two different worlds, while finding love she tries to decide the best outcome for herself and her future. The story-line is nicely build and very well played by Saoirse Ronan.

Mad Max Fury Road

With an amazing 8.2 score on IMDB and a 90 Metascore, this is one appreciated movie. A mad race of rebel women and the drifter Max who try to escape a post-apocalyptic world of terror. Amazing costumes, great actors and more effects than you can count. It’s definitely one of the public’s favorite.

The Martian

A good 8.1 score on IMDB and a 80 Metascore from the critics. If you’re not a fan of a one man show, this might not be a movie for you. An astronaut gets stuck on Mars and it’s his story of survival. The plot is simple, yet attractive, Matt Damon is brilliant and the setting spectacular in some instances.

The Revenant

Although it has a 8.2 score on IMDb and it is the most discussed movie from the list, it got a 76 score from the critics. The classic tale where the huntsman becomes the pray. Ataccked by a bear and left by his team members, Leo is putting a nice show for us.


It reached 8.3 on IMDb and has a 86 Metascore. This is an emotional roller coaster. The dram of a kidnapped young woman who’s being held as hostage together with her son is simply impressive. Amazing acting performances and a well designed story line.


Has a nice 8.2 score on IMDb and has the highest Metascore from the list – 93. Massive, that’s the right word for this movie. It has true facts, amazing actors, an impressive plot, drama, mystery and all the right things. Although for some the scandal of child molestation in which the Catholic Church was involved is nothing new, for some this movie was revealing. But besides it is a great cinematic effort.

Now if we were to judge by it’s popularity, the battle is between Mad Max Fury Road and The Revenant. But according to metacritics.com, the battle is between Spotlight and Mad Max Fury Road. Now is it just a coincidence that Mad Max Road Fury Road is on both sides a runner up or should we consider it the favorite to win the Best Picture Oscar?