Sharing the stories behind talented artist is an amazing new series we’ve started. It is wonderful to read about how people discover their passion, to follow the path of development and understand the drive for art within each individual. Yet, the best part about it is to have an unaltered story. That’s why in this kind of articles artists have the chance to share their story without interference, in a way they find most valuable and real.

Today we’re introducing a young and brilliant watercolorist. Kaitlyn had a crush for drawing early in her life and has managed to transform it in a real career path. Enjoy her story!

Kaitlyn Page is a 20 year old watercolorist and aspiring artist from Pennsylvania, USA, who’s work focuses on the abstract and surreal. Her full portfolio can be viewed here.

Kaitlyn Page - Reckless Beauty

”I grew up in the countryside, far from a big city or town, where there was no focus on the arts, yet I’ve always had a deep yearning to create. I first began drawing around the age of 10 or so, in the spring of 2006. One evening when I was bored, I picked up a “How to Draw African Animals Book” from my school’s library, and tried my first stab at it. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of drawing.

Kaitlyn Page - Slipping Away

And although I never really saw myself doing anything with art as a career, I just continued to do it, every single day. As a beginner, I mainly focused on drawing realistic animal portraits and cartoon characters. I started with pastels, then moved to graphite, and stuck with those two mediums for multiple years. Soon, it felt more like an urge, or something far more addicting than just a hobby.

Kaitlyn Page - As We Become One

When I was around the age of 16, I tried painting in watercolors for the first time. The painting was basic, as the subject matter was a basket full of fruit, but watercolor would become my favorite medium within a few years. I never thought I would completely change my style at 18 to work on surreal and abstract subject matter with a hint of realism. My thought process changed a lot from 17-20, with many eye-opening experiences. Thus, my subject matter changed and my work has become more of what it is today.

Kaitlyn Page - Exhale

I think with practice, my eye for details got better and I was able to find mediums which complemented each other. I’m always looking at objects as lines, colors, shapes, lighting and textures and think how it would feel to put them on paper. Everyday continues to inspire me in a different way. I did not find myself going to an art college, although I had considered it heavily and then changed my mind in the last second. I just couldn’t see myself studying in a structured environment.

Kaitlyn Page - Melodies and Heart Disease

Thus, I decided to dedicate my time exclusively to my work and learn through experience, and as of right now I have been taking commissions from a variety of people; from album artwork, to book covers, to line art tattoo commissions, to pet portraits and more. Although it is challenging at times, due to the fact that there is either an influx of work on my plate or virtually none at all some months, I hope someday to be able to accomplish my goal of becoming a professional artist.”

Kaitlyn Page - The Duet

Thank you, Kaitlyn for sharing your story! Hope to see many wonderful projects signed by you in the near future.


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