The Academy Awards gala is just around the corner. Imagine the pressure the nominees are under. But they are not the only ones felling the Oscar rush. Everyone who attends it’s probably exited and can’t wait to get on that red carpet. Do you remember the gowns from last year? There were a lot of pale colors, with white and light grey dominating a wide area of the scene.

The Oscars 2015

The Oscars 2015 by malago on Polyvore

But let’s do a quick game and imagine what we would wear if we’d be to attend this prestigious event. Would you chose a local brand to promote? Would you receive a dress from some major fashion house? Would you create your own dress? (I wonder if that ever happened)

Anyhow… Here are a few outfits we’d see fit for the event. We’ve created them on Polyvore. You can check out Molempire’s account here.

So to narrow and help us create these outfits, we’ve decided to think them for the actresses nominated for Best Leading Role.

Pink Blush for Saoirse Ronan

Have you seen her at the British Academy Film Awards? We love those pink tones in her dress.

So we’d use those undertones, and create a pink gown with golden accessories.

Oscar Blush

Oscar Blush by molempire featuring a watercolour painting

Aqua Mistery for Jennifer Lawrence

We saw her in white and pale colors on many red carpets. We loved her dress from 2013.

Bur here’s how we’d dress her, if we could.

Aqua Mistery


Red Passion for Cate Blanchett

Remember her gorgeous golden gown from 2014, when she won an Oscar? She wears metallic colors often, her gowns are state of the art.

If we could create a dress for her, we’d go with a dark, deep red. Something like this:

Red Passion


Black Beauty for Brie Larson

Quite daring with her outfits, she’s always smocking sexy on the red carpet. Like on the Golden Globes for example:

So we’ve thought about something similar for the occasion.

Oscars Black Beauty

Oscars Black Beauty by molempire featuring Chanel

Empowering Navy for Charlotte Rampling

She is a veteran in this industry, always classy, using mainly black and white for the red carpet.

Taking that into consideration we’ve tried to pick something suitable for her, adding just a bit of color and sparkle. Here is how we’d see her at the 88th Academy Awards, like a super women she is:

Super woman

Super woman by molempire featuring stiletto pumps

Well, we will come back next week and see if we managed to guess some styles, colors or maybe designers.