Shirt Pattern

Have you ever seen people on the streets dressed in clothes in various clothing patterns and prints that mix so perfectly that you wonder how they are able to do it that attractively? Would you like to learn how to mix your outfit like a fashion blogger? If you do, let us teach you a thing or two about this and you will thank us later after going out to the streets and noticing the sheer number of necks you turn with your fabulous look! Check out our 7 tips below:

1) Concentrate on Matching Colors Rather than Prints

If your outfit colors look great together, more often than not the prints will also look cool. Some pretty straightforward color matches include pastels with pastels, jewel tones with jewel tones, earth tones with earth tones, etc. Another tip is to go for complimentary colors, e.g. black and white (obviously), pale yellow green with deep mauve, and such. The color wheel can help a lot in determining complementarity between various hues.

2) Try to Evenly Spread Out Your Prints across Your Outfit

We are not saying that you can’t wear your favorite printed jacket over your equally favorite printed top. You absolutely can do that. What we mean here is that if you feel that your outfit is getting a little busy, you need to try and distribute your prints much more evenly by, for instance, doing one print on the top and the other one on the bottom.

3) Breakup Your Overall Look with Solids

Sometimes, you may find that print-on-print-on-print has become just too much for your outfit, especially if you are trying to appear casual or semi-casual. In this case, you can breakup your overall print-on-print-on-print look by just layering in a little bit of solid-colored clothing and accessories. These will calm things down and help ground your overall appearance. If you don’t have enough solid color clothing, you should consider shopping at Kohl’s – after all, you can never have too much of basics, and with Discountrue coupons you will be able to get them at deeply discounted prices.

4) Make Your Prints Simpler

Have you realized that the simpler and more graphic your outfit prints are, the easier they will be to mix? It is for this same reason that striped outfits, especially those that are black-and-white striped, seem to go with everything. They are so simple that we may as well call them the SI unit of neutrality in prints!

5) Match Simpler and More Graphic Prints with More of Their Own

Simple graphic prints look fabulous when matched with each other, although they can also be great with much more complex and organic prints such as floral or animal prints. Although such complicated patterns can also look cute together, they are not as easy to pull off in an outfit as other ones since color and scale often become more important in this case.

6) Choose a Single Print to Dominate and Another as an Accent

This is more or less equivalent to picking one big print and one small one for your outfit. Having too many color prints of the same size may make your outfit look “congested”. Consider having prints in a wide range of sizes to create visual harmony rather than headaches. For instance, if your skirt has large floral patterns, pair it with a thin-striped top.

7) Mix Bold Print Patterns with Low-Contrast Ones

One other great way you can incorporate together in one outfit a wide variety of print patterns is by choosing one bold pattern and another that is low-contrast. This enables you to create an interesting, finished appearance without having too many overwhelming colors or prints. One good example is a neutral-toned ikat print.