When it comes to photography, some might think it is a fairly limited passion. If you are one of those people, we have some news flash. Photography is a complex art and it takes time, talent and perseverance to master it.

We’ve met so many photographers with a great eye and creative ideas. We’ve seen the camera used in the most intriguing angles and capture the most emotional moments. Recently we’ve discovered Maxx Lamb who likes playing with light and captures motion in his photography.

Maxx Lamb Photo 1

Maxx Lamb Photo 2

In our short discussion, Maxx told us a bit about his project idea:

I pride myself in being the innovator of a particular shade of dance photography: I shoot crowds, but note the strobe lighting patterns (or the strobe operator tendencies) and use that to frame people in my photos (entirely within my head) while I predict the movement of the crowd based on the music and the way people tend to dance during certain types of sounds.

Maxx Lamb Photo 6

Maxx Lamb Photo 7

Maxx Lamb Photo 8

Maxx Lamb Photo 3

Maxx Lamb Photo 4

Maxx Lamb Photo 5Check out his portfolio on Flickr.