Wedding Dress

More and more of us are skipping the bridal shop and opting for more non-traditional dress designs, which many women probably feel much more comfortable in and don’t take up most of the budget! In fact, with fashion retailers such ASOS and Ted Baker getting in on the bridal action, you can find something alternative at very little cost.

As a bride, you don’t have to wear that ivory gown and feel like an imposter walking down the aisle – some of us just don’t want to wear that over the top dress and therefore are always looking for something as non traditional as perhaps the engagement ring our partner gave us or the venue we’re considering.

Your dress should reflect your personal style and if you are planning on getting hitched in the summer here are a few styles to consider:

The pop of color

Who says wedding dresses have to be white? Why can’t they be yellow? Or blue? Or hot pink? Or how about a dip dye effect? Choose your favorite color, find a stunning dress and wear it! The brighter the better for a summer wedding. If you’re feeling brave you could dip dye your own!

The crop top

Dresses don’t need to come in one piece, mix things up with a coordinating skirt and crop top combo. Actually, it doesn’t even need to be matching! Be brave and bare your midriff on your big day. Go for a bold sequin top and a tulle skirt or, if it’s chilly, a cute fluffy jumper and a skirt looks amazing too and great if you prefer a more casual look.

The printed look

Love a floral print? We do too and it’s perfect for a summer wedding. Take inspiration from this wedding, featured on the Wedding Ideas magazine website; the bride chose a stunning yellow, floral print gown in a vintage style with red accents. It’s so simple but looks amazing and perfectly suited the theme she and her groom had going on the day.

When it comes to floral, many non-traditional brides also love opting for a maxi dress and a flowing material – it all depends if you’re a fan of the cute retro look or something more elegant. They’re both great!

The bold choice

Is your theme based around your favorite Tim Burton film? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re having such a wedding in the summer, you can definitely rock a black dress. Take some inspiration from these leading ladies.

Rock a jumpsuit

You don’t have to wear a dress at all if you don’t want to! There are some gorgeous jumpsuits out there that you can pick up and throw on to rock on your big day; you could go for a traditional white color or something completely different. A jumpsuit with no sleeves is great for summer weddings, they keep you cool and you can throw some adventurous shapes on the dance floor without worrying about showing everyone too much.

When it comes to your wedding dress choose something that makes you happy, if you don’t fancy being all traditional it’s up to you. After all, it’s you and your partner’s big day, everyone you love is coming to see you and they really shouldn’t care what color your frock is!