I usually associate DIY tips with fun recycling because most of the articles teach you easy and smart ways to use things you already have in house. It usually is a creative way to spent time and you can even develop new skills. DIY can certainly be a fulfilling activity.

This DIY projects are dedicated for the weekend when you have more time to spend taking care of your skin. Skin is a reflection of how healthy you are and is shows how much you take care of yourself.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos help you keep your hair clean by absorbing sebum and getting rid of hair routine. If you have curly hair, apply dry shampoo with a dry brush; this is the perfect trick to make your hair look more relaxed and natural. If you dyed your hair blonde and your roots are showing, spray dry shampoo to roots and it can attenuate the natural color, until  you get to a salon.

Besides saving your hair of bad days, dry shampoo can be used in many other ways.  It can remove grease stains  from clothing. In order to do this, before you put the stained clothes in the washing machine, let the shampoo absorb the oil and then the grease will be easily removed.  It can also help to make your eyebrows look thicker by just applying a little shampoo on fingers and then brushing the eyebrows up.

dry shampoo

Here you can find the recipe for dark and light hair with essential oil.

DIY Body Scrub Bars

In order to have a healthy and soft skin, exfoliation is very important. It helps removing the death cells of your skin, it is considered  the most important technique to resolve skin problems and maintain tonus. This process opens your pores and helps the moisturizing cream to be more efficient. To create your own body scrub bar, cut slices of white melt and pour soap base. Place them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Keep heating until the white soap base has melted. Once the base is liquid you can add in peppercorns, coconut oil and lemon zest.

body scrub bars

Bath Bombs

This bomb is a perfect way to help you relax while bathing. You can use this ritual  to get rid of migraines, sinus problems and hydrate your skin. DIY bombs are easy to make and they are cheap.

First step is to mix baking soda and citric acid in a large mixing bowl and then add the oil. For the next step you need to spray about 10-20 squirts in the bowl, until you got a nice lumpy consistency and it could hold a shape when squeezed together. Final step is to press it into silicone molds as much as possible, any shape you want. You can find the full recipe here and play with ingredients to find a mixture suitable for you.

bath bombs