During childhood, our imagination runs wild. We are not afraid, nor ashamed to believe in dragons, to treat our beds like castles or to simply lay in the grass and watch the ants. Playing is the core focus for kids, but somehow when we grow up we end up thinking that those activities are no longer suitable for our big, responsible lives. Most of us can’t see the colorful extent of our inner child. Luckily the modern era somehow guessed that adults secretly want to continue doing kids’ stuff. So, unless you have kids and play with them, there still are some modern versions of games for adults. Here are just a few examples.

Adult coloring books

Some might find them hipster-ish, others entertaining, and some even boring. The truth is that if you are not that talented when it comes to art, but you still like playing with colors, this is a wonderful way to do it. Combining colors, imagining the final outcome, focusing on nothing else but to stay between the lines, all can be really relaxing for most of the people. It can also be a good way to exercise your patience and perseverance because the drawings from these books are really detailed and complex. At first, I was reticent, I admit. But after buying my first book and sharpening the pencils things simply fell into place. I love it. I usually take some time for the weekend, find myself a nice sunny spot, play some nice music and it’s awesome to figure out which colors will fit best and work to see the final result.

coloring book for adults

Video Games

I simply can’t imagine that someone actually does not like video games. I can understand that one can’t play shooting games or strategy games, but in the end, I think it’s just a matter of finding the right game for you, whether it’s a classic like solitaire or being a major criminal in GTA Online! I personally know moms with teenagers who play hidden object games or time management games like the popular Diner Dash or Emily’s Adventure. And I find it cute. It’s not a waste of time if it helps you unwind and takes your mind off work and boring grown up stuff. So allow yourself some time to discover, don’t be so hard on yourself and stop considering shooting games as the only alternative. It’s not that they aren’t awesome, but they are not for everyone. A good way to discover if you’d like a game or not is the all-mighty YouTube. So start browsing and pick your favorite.

Board Games

Gaining popularity in the past couple of years, these games come in so many shapes and formats that it’s hard to keep up. From complex, strategical boards, to simple and funny cards, there is no right or wrong choice, there are only different preferences. If you like complicated games, try the new Game of Thrones board game, if you are more of a traditional type Monopoly will never go out of style. But if on the other hand you like modern, entertaining games try Cards Against Humanity and mix it with some booze games, it’s the perfect combo for a fun night. Alternatively, if you do not have a friend to play against, you can take classic board games into the digital arena with online chess. Aside from providing a great outlet to cure boredom when you’re alone, the AI opponents allow you to develop your skills. So, the next time you compete against a friend, you’ll have a greater chance of winning.

Board Game

Adventure Parks

You might not have access on the kids’ trampoline, but there are special places where they built them from grown ups. Adventure parks are incredibly fun and not only for the brave ones. Of course, you can find activities like jumping from high spots, swinging across a lake, climbing big rocks or exploring scarring places. But, there are many parks who do have more mild games in their activities, like carting, jumping on big trampolines, fun sports, treasure hunting and much more. I personally recommend the adults only adventure parks so that you won’t feel down when a random kid kicks your ass at all these games. Jokes aside, it is a nice way to spend time with friends or family. Get out of your comfort zone or retry childhood activities, you’ll end up having tons of fun.

adventure park

What other games do you like playing?