When we talk about art, people usually think only about painting, sculpting, architecture, music and photography. But the modern era has though us that there are so many other things one can do and raise it to the rang of art. It takes passion and commitment, it implies years of practice and thousands of trials until you can manage to actually call something art. I tried to look outside the normal scope of activities and find some peculiar artworks.


If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you know what I’m talking about. I mean the things they can do out of sugar paste are simply amazing! From fictional characters, castles, flowers, landscapes, and so many others, it seems like the sky is the limit. Cakes have become so much more than some sweet treat, there is so much work behind it that you might actually feel guilty about eating it.

Pastry chef


Painting on small canvases is quite a particular skill. Doing it with nails polish makes it even harder. But the thing is that it’s not all painting, we have piercings, nails jewelry, embellishments, carvings, sculptures, and they keep coming up with new ideas like shredded glass, feathers, or dust. A real nail artist knows how to transform your nails into their masterpieces.


Have you seen a fashion show? The models in this kind of events are spectacular. They don’t have hairdos, they have real hair sculptures. From haircuts to fancy up-dos, a hairdresser sees your hair as an opportunity to create real art. They can handle the scissors like a master of swords and the experience provided is fabulous.

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Where do I even start? I don’t really think this one need much of an explanation. Tattoos have managed to gain popularity and are widely accepted as a true form of art.

Poll dancing

Yes, you heard right! I mean not only it is considered an Olympic sport in many countries, but the routine they learn to do is mind-bending. It takes real skills to be able to do such a performance. Take a look at these examples from talent shows around the world and see for yourself.

What other activities do you think that should be considered as art?