It’s officially Spring. Even in the Northern states of the U.S and in Northern Europe, temperatures are high, the sun is up and flowers are bloomed. With such a weather you cannot stay at home. And if money is the reason why you can’t convince yourself to get out, I’ve prepared some alternatives. Not every get-away should be a B&B experience in the Hampton. A lazy afternoon in the park should always do the trick to provide some quality time for yourself.

So here are my top choices when I’m short on budget and I want to go out and enjoy the nature.

Take a biking trip

No matter if you live in a big or a small city, taking a ride with your bike it’s good both for your health and spirit. If you don’t have endurance go somewhere close, like a park or the riverside/ ocean side/ lakeside. Go somewhere nice where you can enjoy the nature. But if on the other hand you do have the stamina to do an extra mile, pack a lunch and go on a bike trip. Find something nice to visit and go for it. It can be double fun if you convince some friends to join you.

Bike on seaside

Go on a picnic

You have to know that picnics can be done even without a fancy basket. So put your lunch in a backpack, grab a blanket, a good book and do it. I’m telling you, if you find a nice, quiet spot, you have to take a nap in the grass. Even if you don’t actually sleep, just close your eyes and leave your mind to rest. Have you tried not thinking about anything? It’s a whole lot harder than it sounds. In other words, don’t plan anything fancy, just enjoy your regular lunch outside, with someone close, a good book, a comfy blanket and maybe a ball or a tennis racket to enjoy some activities.

Picnic in the park

Visit a fair

During this time of the year, fairs are highly popular. You don’t have to go and actually buy something, you can go “browsing”. Many fairs have fun things to do. You might enter a competition if you feel like it, pet some animals, eat something organic, discover local farmers and businesses and meet cool people. Fairs can always be a nice alternative for your regular weekend.

Village fair activities

Host a family BBQ

I know many people who avoid hosting a barbecue because it takes a lot or preparation and a consistent budget. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you don’t do all the cooking, and you have everybody bringing something, things get really easy. You can even get some cheap plastic china and escape the torture of doing dishes. So with minimum effort you have a whole day to spend grilling and enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Grilled sticks

Play a sport

This is as simple as it gets. Grab a ball, a few friends, a nice courtyard or a park, and start the fun. If’ you’re not a big fan of sports with physical contact, try ping-pong or go for a run, visit a public pool or practice some yoga, do whatever feels comfortable to you. Being active can seriously increase your level of happiness even if at first it might seem like tedious endeavor.

table tennis

What is your number one choice when you’re short on budget and you want to get out?