I don’t know were you are living, but in my town the averages have passed 85 °F (29 °C). Which in my book, this sure feels like summer. So I’m preparing my list of summer essentials, some stuff you absolutely need to survive hot days and enjoy the sun without any repercussions. So, here it goes:

Summer Essentials



It’s all about balance. The more water you lose, the more you need to drink. Being hydrated helps you stay healthy and focused. So make sure you are constantly caring a bottle of water.

thirsty man


There are so many types of sun block you can choose from. I recommend at least a SPF 30 during summer and if you plan to get yourself a tan you might consider even a SPF 50 protection.


I love the return of the cat-eye shades. Sun glasses are a fancy accessory which might make or break your outfit. If you are not sure what kind of shapes are best for you, take a look on how you can match your summer with the perfect pair of glasses.


Sunglasses by molempire featuring tory burch sunglasses

Comfortable Shoes

It is important to let your skin breathe and control the sweat. During summer due to the humid environment of the feet, the chances of getting blisters are higher then ever. So make sure you have proper shoes and take good care of your feet.

Summer shoes

Summer shoes by molempire featuring beach sandals


You simply cannot have your perfect summer without a cool swimsuit. So either you’re one piece type or you like to have you mix and match fun, make sure you come prepared.


Swimsuits by molempire featuring a white bathing suit


This is not only a fashion statement but also a good way to protect yourself from a nasty heat-stoke or sunburn. If you don’t like hats, use a bandana or a cap, whatever floats your boat and keeps you safe.

Summer hats

Summer hats by molempire featuring a panama hat

Which are the things you can’t go without during summer?