A rustic aesthetic instantly instills a sense of homeliness and is perfect for the bedroom where you should feel safe and warm and comfortable. But how on earth do you create such a thing? Don’t worry – here’s a quick guide on how to achieve this look in your home:

Think about color

Color is one of the easiest ways of changing the feeling in a room and when it comes to creating a rustic bedroom it’s all about soft blues, warm reds and cozy browns. These can be introduced via paint, on the walls or furniture, or with accessories such as scatter cushions, lampshades and curtains.

Wood is your new best friend

It’s safe to say when it comes to creating a rustic vibe, wooden furniture is one of the easiest ways of introducing the theme but it doesn’t need to stop there. Wooden flooring is another great way of creating a rustic bedroom; we recommend Kahrs Oak Rye Flooring made from oak and hand-scraped to accentuate the wood used. Its variation of colors featured throughout the boards only enhances the natural feel they bring to the room.

Texture is important

Distressed furniture is a strong element when it comes to creating a rustic space. The room needs to look like it’s well lived-in, so sanding bed posts and sideboards to create that distressed, vintage look will immediately enhance the space.

Faux fur rugs are also great to add to the room. Not only are they soft on the feet but they add some much needed texture to the space and enhance the concept of using ‘natural’ materials to decorate – of course, please don’t use real animal fur, there are plenty of incredible replicas available online and on the high street.

Bring nature in

‘Rusticness’ is all about nature, essentially. It’s about embracing the great outdoors, bringing the outside in and using elements of it to create an inviting space. Branches from the garden, decorated with twinkling fairy lights are a welcome addition to a rustic bedroom as are large potted plants and wooden logs carried in from the outside – which make great bedside tables!

Let there be light

Soft light is great in a rustic themed room. Veils over the windows can help to create a diffused glow in the room while the light from candles in the evening adds perfectly to the aesthetic you are trying to create. A lamp, instead of the overhead light, is also a great idea. Warm, mellow light will create a homely vibe and encourage you to jump back into bed and snuggle under the covers at the weekend.

While creating your rustic bedroom setting keep these things in mind. There’s no need to go out and buy brand new furniture, simply take what you already have and add a distressed feel to it while complementing this with the right color schemes to create that homely, comforting vibe.