Interior decoration is a very important process, because it transforms a house into a home. Having a designer to help you is ideal. But if you can’t afford to work with one, you can always gather inspiration from their work.

It is fascinating to see that the design used for their presentation website usually reflects the personality of the designer. Browsing a few examples, we created a list of popular designers that might give you some creative ideas.

  • Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design is a company from New York. The signature of Amanda, the designer behind the company is based on bold textures and colors. This website is perfect if you want inspiration for a refined and elegant home. She released in 2012 a book named Dazzling Design, which presents a selection of her work, gathered in over fifteen years of practice. The projects are classified in three big categories: Showhouses, Country, and City. You can find many pictures from different angles that showcase beautiful interior designs and focus on details.

AND Interior Design

  • Llidesign

Llidesign is an awarded design studio led by Design Director Linda Levene. You can enjoy their beautiful blog, filled with images with interior details, furniture design and much more. Although they don’t provide a story for the project, it can help you grasp a few ideas on how to combine textures and colors.

LLI Design

  • Bentheim London

Founded by David Bentheim, the practice comprises a wide range of projects from London and worldwide. It was chosen for the third time in a row to appear in House and Garden’s Top 100 UK Interior Designers. It is a good place to see examples for both residential designs and commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants and more.


  • Shawn Henderson

Based in NYC, Shawn is a big enthusiast of reclaiming old materials and furnishings, he believes in sustainability, and encourages craftsmen. He uses products made with passion and integrity in all his projects. So, if you relate with his vision you will most likely find inspiration in his complex projects section.

Shawn interior Design

  • Amok

A design consultancy from London with extensive expertise on interior design and architectural projects. Working with many celebrities from movie and music industry, Amok has multiple appearances and collaborations with prestigious magazines. The best part you can take from their website are the useful tips and tricks they share on their blog.


This list was created together with Crina, one of our collaborative authors.

If you know an interior design website that should be added to this list, drop us a comment with your suggestion.