If you have a keen interest in The Gaming Culture, mobile games, or you are searching for a new interesting game to play, we prepared a list of four captivating puzzle games that you can download and play for free on your smartphone or on your tablet.


Probably one of the most addictive games and a simple one is 2048. The core strategy is to move the tiles, up, down, left or right and find two with the same number. When you find the similar ones, they slide into each other and sum up. You must keep collecting the tiles until you reach the amount of 2048. If you are worrying about the time you are wasting, keep in mind that 2048 is rated as an intellectual puzzle game and it’s also a good test for your patience.

2. Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is pretty similar to the original Candy Crush Saga, the uber popular match-three puzzle game that has been played billion times since it has been launched. In the Candy Crush Jelly game, you have new candies and more sweet and jelly moves.  Even though the game is a free one, you can choose to buy new moves or extra lives, if the standard five ones are not enough.


Photo credit to Alper Çu?un

3. Frozen Free Fall

This addictive puzzle game is inspired from Frozen, the Disney movie. The Frozen Free Fall game is bringing back Anna, Elsa and the cute Olaf in a matching adventure that contains 650+ exciting levels. Similar to other mobile puzzle games, you own five lives and your goal is to match hundreds of icy puzzles to unlock all the stages and some of the characters from the movie.


Photo credit to Akiko Yokoyama

4. Flow Free

Flow Free is a simple and captivating puzzle game where you have to connect and match colors with pipes to create a flow. In this game, you can choose between 1500 free puzzles and solve them against the clock. There is no special strategy for Flow Free, the way you play the game is up to you, but to win you have to solve all the puzzles by pairing all the pipes.

These four ones are just a few examples and the ones that I can confirm that are addictive. I’m sure that there are plenty more you have tried. If you think they deserve to be up on this list, share them with us!