The world around us is constantly changing. Trends are changing, tastes are changing and people are changing. The same goes for music. People are seeking inspiration and a big part of them find it in music. Even if you have your genre already set, you may still be looking for something new, sometimes. This is just how we, people, work.

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Nowadays, we have technology. Thanks to it, discovering new music is much easier than it was decades ago, when going to a party, a concert or buying the recent album on vinyl of your favorite band were more or less the most common and accessible ways to listen to something fresh. From the best known specialized websites in this domain, like YouTube or Vimeo to the least known blogs or forums, music is within a click away from you.

Artists started embracing these ways of promoting themselves and sharing their music as the popularity of these websites increased. From newcomers to world-known performers, no one is saying no to the internet. Such online audio distribution platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify or 8tracks surged over the last years and made it quick and simple for people to explore and enjoy a rich palette of sounds and styles. You have the possibility to create playlists, to subscribe to the channels or follow the profiles of your favorite artists and based on your taste in music you always get suggestions which are similar to your picks. This way you never get bored and you help the maybe lesser known artists to get discovered and gain a positive reputation. It’s a win-win situation.

Beside the internet, a great way to discover new music is the traditional one: by going to concerts, festivals or parties. One goes usually to a festival, for instance, to listen to their favorite bands live, but there are always other artists or DJs who come in between and sing or mix their songs. Involuntarily, you’ll listen to them maybe while engaging in other activities and end up loving them, thinking: „How come that I never heard about you? You’re awesome!”

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Another conventional method is the radio. Although it seems old and outdated the truth is that radio is actually a great idea to come upon songs you might actually like. While waiting in traffic or in your dentist’s waiting room or even at home in the kitchen, the radio is a good way to learn about other artists and their tracks. Believe it or not, it has actually happened to me before. Give it a try sometime. Let your car CD’s rest a bit or take your earphones off while doing something else and listen to the radio. It’s refreshing. Keep your phone close though and use an app to recognize these new songs. Try Shazam, SoundHound or SoundTracking to identify your music and safely store it and listen it over and over again.

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So even if you’re the technology type, choosing the internet as an inspiration or if you’re the more traditional one, seeking it at concerts, festivals or even at a random party at your friend’s house, embrace the idea of discovering new things. There is always something going on out there. You just have to open your mind and, respectively, ears in order to enrich your musical collection.