Every day sees a variety of apps and software that promise to transform our lives through their supposedly revolutionary powers. But for every WhatsApp, there’s an endless series of failures – Yo anyone?

So rather than taking a gamble on an unknown title at the app store, here’s a look at which music streaming apps, online pokies providers and eCommerce revolutionaries have truly redefined living in the 21st century.

Instant communication is perhaps the most immediately beneficial aspect of app technology. Whether it’s video-chatting via Facetime, or just showing off your latest holiday exploits through Instagram, it’s never been easier to stay in constant contact with friends and family across the globe.

The visual capacities of our mobile devices have also led to the flood of apps like Facetune allowing us to create pixel-perfect selfies, whereas everyone can now be the star of their own music video thanks to the app.

Entertainment trends have been transformed through our apps with Guvera, Tidal and Deezer revolutionising how we consume music, whilst watching a movie in the palm of our hand is now commonplace thanks to the all-conquering power of apps like Netflix.

Gaming has also been given an overhaul thanks to the incredible world-building exploits of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, whereas a recent online pokies release from Lucky Nugget Casino shows how even a traditional gambling game can be given a streamlined convenient facelift.

Once you’ve made your online pokies winnings, then spending them in the shops has been made dramatically easier thanks to the eCommerce revolution that’s helped brands like Amazon become global sensations.

But it’s the way that the internet has empowered the individual that’s perhaps the most startling. From apps like Locl which allow users to sell and buy goods with no transaction fees, to examples of the sharing economy like Airbnb, it’s clear that it’s not just online pokies players who’ve benefited from mobile technology.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding Uber, it’s evident that getting from A to B has been made a whole lot easier thanks to app technology. Whether it’s using Google Maps to plot a journey, booking a flight via Skyscanner or even checking the LikeALocalGuide to find the best places to find pokies games on a holiday, it seems that there are few areas that the internet doesn’t offer a little expertise.