This article is about 7 rules on how to write perfect essays to get the highest marks and not spend much time on their accomplishment.

Have you ever sat in front of the computer and cried about your inability to write an essay? Have you ever thought that you are not that smart and intelligent to manage your assignment? Don’t think so, everybody can compose an essay! Even those who aren’t talented and haven’t been reading a lot can create a great essay quickly and simply! We know how to do that.


How skilled people write essays?

Professional essay writers don’t see the assignment as a certain amount of information related to the topic. Every assignment is a combination of certain elements, which form the final work. That is why their approach to writing is easier than the approach used by an ordinary student, who asks “How to write my essay for me?” There are 7 secrets which can give you the way how to make your paper easily:

1. Every assignment is a sequence of parts you should follow: introduction, main part, conclusion and references;
2. Never make your introduction dull, add simple example or interesting question related to the topic, because if readers are not interested from the very beginning, they will not read your work to the end;
3. Arguments as the main parts of your plot should be built cohesively and according to their strength from the weakest to the strongest;

4. Conclusion should not only be a summary of your arguments, it should contain the message which you think should be the one thing your readers should bring with them after reading your paper;
5. Cite all facts brought by sources you’ve read and put direct quotes in quotation marks for avoiding plagiarism;
6. Make a little break between accomplishing your paper and giving it to the teacher and reread it during that period to make last corrections;
7. Proofread the paper to avoid grammar and lexical errors and incorrect use of words not to make this the reason for rejection.

All these secrets will make writing your paper as simple as drawing or chatting with your friend. You can also train these skills by thinking about certain, even obvious phrases and trying to prove them building the essay structure. You will be astounded how easy it is.

What if I don’t have time for essays?

Students’ life is full of activities and projects, that’s why they not always write their papers by themselves. New job opportunities, voluntary activities, musical concerts have much higher priorities for them than managing endless home assignments and sitting in the library for hours. Are you that kind of person? Do you think that spending your time in your preferable way is more essential than wasting it on accomplishing your papers? If yes – you are lucky for having so many writing services which can manage your home assignments professionally. But if writing essays is essential for you – you are lucky to find 7 pieces of advice to make your papers get the highest mark.