The Internet has transformed the way we live since most of us are using social networks on a daily basis. More than that, we can interact more easily and create even professional connections. If we are speaking about artists, they have much more opportunities for their professional career. From my perspective, the first way artists can boost social presence is by promoting their art online. Patricia prepared a list with five tips & tricks that can help them.

1. Online presence
Artist have a significant advantage of creating visual content with ease, through their creations. No matter if we are speaking of paintings, photos, illustrations or sketches, they can choose to promote them on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, which boost this type of content. Instagram is a good choice because is well known as the king of engagement with millions of active users and high visibility due to the use of relevant hashtags. Moreover, you can choose to also integrate WordPress plugins that display your Instagram photos on your personal website. Besides Instagram, being active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can only bring advantages. Twitter is great for discovering other artists around the world and connect with them. Facebook allows you to follow artists you already know and, see what they are doing. Google+ enables you to meet other artists by connecting through communities of people who share your passion.


2. Network, Engagement & Conversations
It’s not enough only to join social networks and online communities, you need to promote your artwork and have proper conversations with other artists. If you are a shy person then, you can start by connecting with artists you already know from past exhibitions, follow famous artists you admire or art shows from your niche and increase your network gradually.

3. Create valuable content and don’t forget to update it
If you have a professional website where your artwork is displayed, you have to update it as often as you can with your new projects. Also, you can create your mailing list and send out emails, announcing website updates, new projects, news and much more. Don’t forget to post those updates also on your social networks, they can attract new visitors. Speaking about valuable content, Behance, is another professional network you can use perfect to promote your art. This website is perfect for graphic and web designers, illustrators, art directors, but also for photography, and advertising.


4. Research
Before you join into various communities, you have to make sure that your art reaches the right audience. For example, ensure that Google+ communities are active, and their members are artists that match your interest. Research social networks to find out famous artists from your field, check their online presence and if their content is worth to follow.

5. Be active in the community & Take part in competitions
Building a strong network in the art world may be hard, but is one of the most dynamic ways to promote your art and can expose you to new opportunities. Outside the online presence, you may consider joining art organizations, participating in exhibitions and community events, volunteering and using your artistic skills to help your community and probably, the most important one, entering art competitions. For artists, this kind of events provides powerful ways to boost their social presence in the art world and showcase their artworks.


Artists can promote their art through various methods, it’s recommended to be present in both online and offline communities and take advantage of every opportunity that may appear.


This article was written in collaboration with Patricia. If you have good ideas to share with us, drop us an email.