When it comes to coffee, people have clear preferences. There are no uncertainties, no blank spaces to fill. We, coffee drinkers, develop strong selections and we tend to stick with them for long periods of time, except if there’s a new special at Starbucks. And as we develop these peculiarities about our coffee, we also tend to create rituals around them. Coffee ceased to be a random act, it is a well planned and enjoyed habit. And according to how we drink our coffee we can all become a type of coffee drinker. Watch and observe, I’m sure you ca pin point each of your colleagues to one of this category.

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The “coffee is sacred” type

This one is the supreme coffee aficionado. Usually in this category people know exactly what kind of coffee they drink and why they drink it. They enjoy a good coffee in silence, they have favorite snacks that go well with it, they always try the coffee when they go to a new restaurant and most definitely they know where to find the best coffee in town. Make sure you have one of these among your friends and you’ll never run out of coffee supplies and inspiration.

I love coffee

The “I can’t function without coffee” type

In this type you can put all the people who are quite unpleasant during mornings. They usually fail to give a proper greeting, they refuse to have any kind of conversation and they most definitely can’t handle any kind of news served first thing in the morning. They are on auto-pilot and need a good coffee to wake up their senses and start putting their brain at work. These people often think of coffee as fuel, they’ll always have one near by and will probably end up drinking an impressive amount of coffee per day.

coffee first

The “let’s talk this coffee” type

For this kind of people, coffee is the perfect excuse to spend some time with other people. They love the company, they enjoy small talk and getting to know people better just as much as they love drinking coffee. If at work, you’ll spot them in the kitchen or out on the terrace in large groups sharing stories. But don’t you dare join them with a glass of water, they’ll spot you immediately. If you’re and outgoing person and enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the day, these are your people.

The “match made in Heaven” type

If you fit into this category, you probably know that there’s only one perfect match: coffee and cigarettes. A duo that stimulates your brain and makes your heart pound. These are the smokers which simply drink coffee because they love how it complements their cigarette. It’s as simple as that. They never, ever drink coffee just because they want one or because they need one. They drink it because they want to smoke and coffee just come together with that. If you don’t know the feeling, don’t try to understand them, you’ll never get it.

The “I need a new photo on Instagram” type

I know they don’t want to admit it, but these type always chooses the coffee that looks better. It’s never about the taste or the feeling, it’s always about being on trend and having awesome pictures on Instagram. You can spot them in coffee shops trying to capture the perfect lighting and end up drinking half a cup at best. No judgement! You can always follow them on Instagram and learn a thing or two about taking better pictures.

The “I like the smell” type

Well, these are basically newbies. They like something about coffee but they just haven’t come yet to appreciating it. They drink from time to time because they crave a coffee or because the office smells like coffee. You’ll spot them near the coffee machine trying to figure out how it works or reading the available drinks ten times before coming close to making a decision. Give them time, they’ll learn to love it.

Anything in between is just an agnostic coffee drinker that hasn’t discovered the true calling. But if you somehow do discover a new type of coffee drinkers, share your knowledge in the comments section.