We often feel stuck with our career, especially when we’ve been doing the same job – and been in the same position – for a long time. It is okay to feel that way. In fact, thinking that you need to do something to boost your career is a good step towards actually advancing in the workplace. If you’re not sure what to do, these next three tips will help you get to that next level.

Go Back to School

One of the best ways to boost your career is to actually go back to school. Get a master’s degree. There are great programs from universities across the country; some of them are available as online courses too. You can, for example, get an online Masters in Business Administration degree from Washington State University.

Getting an online degree is pretty straightforward. You can choose to enroll in the program you want and then take online courses from the comfort of your home or your office. After completing the course and getting your online MBA, you can then choose to pursue higher positions and get the recognition you deserve. You could also utilise agencies, for example, Day Webster would be great for someone who has completed a course as a nurse and is looking for a placement.

An online MBA program is particularly suitable for this purpose, since you will also learn a lot about various business-related skills along the way. You can improve yourself and boost your career at the same time.

Ask for an Evaluation

Sometimes, all you need to do to advance your career is ask. If you think you’ve been in the same position for too long and you have what it takes to contribute more to the company, make a quick visit to HR and ask for an evaluation. It is a gutsy move, but it’s a move that may land you that managerial position you’ve been aiming for.

You can also talk to your supervisor or manager about an evaluation. If you don’t want to create the wrong impression, you can also add that you want to be better and contribute more to the company. The act of taking an active step towards getting a better career alone is often enough to impress.

Be More Efficient

Stop wasting time when you’re at the office. Procrastination is a problem a lot of people have – including you and I – and it could be the one problem that has been preventing you from getting a promotion. Even worse, procrastination often seems like a small problem when in fact it can hurt your efficiency quite badly.

Whenever you are asked to complete a task, do it immediately. The best way to fight procrastination and improve efficiency is by jumping right at the tasks in hand. Don’t stop for coffee, don’t think about what to have for lunch; just focus and do the work.

These tips may seem simple, but they can greatly influence your career path when applied correctly. More importantly, they will help you advance in the corporate ladder and be that much closer to the dream job or position you have always wanted. Don’t wait; start today and boost your career to a whole new level.