When a company wants to open up the lines of communication with potential customers, e-mail marketing campaigns are the best way to go about this task. Your business may want to take advantage of the services offered by correct.email, an e-mail list verification service, to assist in this important process, but there are also a number of other helpful tips that will help you manage the campaign, so be sure to read on and learn more!

Digital Marketing

1. Be Aware Of Your Target Audience

If you are about to embark on a new email marketing campaign, knowing who your target audience is and how you will reach them is crucial. You should be aware of their average age, their location, their gender and income level. Marital status, lifestyle and their interests and hobbies also factor into the equation. Do the necessary research before beginning your campaign to ensure a successful path to a higher conversion rate.

2. Know Your Spam Laws

Your email marketing campaign will be highly ineffective if all of the correspondences end up getting sent straight to the spam folder before the recipient has even had a chance to read them. This is why it is important to research all of the spam laws in your country before you take this sort of risk. In most instances, you are only able to send emails to those who have already opted in and addresses cannot be bought or sold.

3. Establish Objectives

Before the email marketing campaign has begun, you’ll need to have clear objectives established. What is your purpose for sending the email and what you are hoping to tell your users? Are you making a general announcement or promoting a specific product? What would you like the reader to do with the information? The clearer you are with your objectives, the easier it is to run an effective campaign.

4. Craft Your Emails Carefully

Once you’ve reached this step of the process, you’ll need to meticulously work on creating great copy. Make the subject line priority number one, since this is the first thing that the recipient is going to read. Be sure to keep graphics and photos to a minimum, so that they do not overwhelm your text and draw the eye away from the message that you are trying to get across. Provide a call to action, a logo, an address and a link that allows recipients to unsubscribe.

5. Test and Track

The most well devised e-mail marketing campaign means very little if the correspondences have deliverability issues or cannot be easily read by the customer. Once you’ve confirmed the deliverability and readability, it is time to use tracking metrics to confirm the level of success. Track the open rates, click through rates and conversion rates to get a true idea of your campaign’s effectiveness.