Gheorghe Funar, 67, used to be Cluj-Napoca’s mayor for 12 years, a member of the Romanian parliament for 4 years and one of the most well known political figures of his country. In an interview for the Romanian publication ‘Adevarul’ he unexpectedly embarked on an anti-semitic rant that raises major concerns about his mental health.

Here is the subtitled video in which you can check out some of his revelations:

As you can see, Einstein is one of his main subjects of study and his manner of describing one of the world’s most well known geniuses would cause shock anywhere in the world, but not in Romania, apparently, where he has gained three mandates as mayor of the country’s 2nd largest city, from 1992 to 2004. Funar’s whole scenario related to Mihai Eminescu (Romania’s declared national poet, otherwise a very behind the times Romanticism writer) is a very imaginative conspiracy theory with plot holes rivaling only parodies of the rising in popularity Youtube conspiracy video genre.

Romania entered the European Union in 2007, but a character such as Gheorghe Funar managed to get elected in 2004 for a mandate in Romania’s senate, until 2008, as a member of the right-wing nationalist party ‘Great Romania’, having been so a valid and active politician in the civilised world for more than one year.

The video presented earlier is part of a documentary made by ‘Adevarul’ in an attempt to make voters more conscious about their choices . Other parts of the original video also include Funar stating that all of Romania’s presidents of the past 26 years are hidden undeclared jews and they are plotting to exterminate the country, that jews are responsible for all the evils of the world, that the Dacians (ancestors of modern day Romania) are the actual forefathers of all of the world’s population (including Australia), and that Cristophor Columbus is a fraud.

While bigotry has always been more prevalent in poorer countries, with this 2016 election, the US also seem to be on the verge of electing a shocking character that fills the news headlines not with achievements, but with radical affirmations. So maybe you’d want to take the Funar example just as one more reason why you should vote responsibly.