Casino 2

How to find a casino to play?

Certainly, many people ask the question, “In what casino to play?”, “Where can I find all of these great games, with honesty and decent service? Despite the fact that you can often encounter with the exchange network, there are a lot of worthy online betting houses. Casino status is often determined by the soft that it uses. There are a few large companies, soft providers that offer the same, and a very wide range of different gambling entertainments. It is really high quality and honest soft.

What are the most reliable soft providers?

Here is a brief list of companies that offers its users free casino games to play.

1) Microgaming soft is the leading online soft in all respects: the most betting houses (about 70 pieces with downloadable software and a couple of hundred to a portable), most of titles (over 600!), most of fans among the players. Of course, 90% of those 600 offers is the slot machine, but also there is the richest choice of any other acts: video poker, blackjack variations, cards, roulette. Honesty is guaranteed by the fact that the betting house does not have access to the software, all the servers are in the hands of the Microgaming and it is unprofitable for supplier to cheat and risk its reputation. In addition, this software is one of the most expensive, so from a financial point of view it is also reliable.

2) Software NetEnt is probably of the second popularity at the moment. Now it turned into leader from lagging software provider at the beginning of the century, thanks to the excellent portable titles, and especially innovative gaming machines. There are more than 200 casinos and 200 rounds. These institutions are known more for its slots, they are really very interesting, every second has its interesting “feature”. Card pastimes and roulette are also present (there are sporting with live dealers), but in relatively small numbers, only the “classic” options. This software, along with Microgaming, is particularly popular among the bookies and as a basis of casinos with multi soft.

3) Software PlayTech – the third most popular, only slightly inferior Maykrogeyming: about 60 casinos, 250 titles, a lot of fans. Quite large number of unique games that can not be found elsewhere (mahjong, stravaganza, tequila poker), a lot of arcade games as well as games, especially roulette with video broadcast can be noted in the establishments with this software. Bids at the same time are quite humane, mainly starting from 10 cents.

4) Soft RealTime Gaming (RTG) is the fourth largest in the world, and the most popular in the US. A set of online games with this software is fairly standard, there are many of them, but there is a couple of video poker that can be attributed to rare.

It has a sense to give a universal advice in the end. When choosing establishment to play, be sure to check for the control of honesty! If the casino does not offer guarantees of honesty (typically using MD5) or qualitative western soft, then they have “recycled” game with high probability, do not go there! Remember that you can try to play in practice mode without any money in any institution.