Casino Live Dealer

The ability to “read the opponent”, learning strength of his or her cards from the emotions on the face, is very important for players when they play games against a casino dealer rather than against each other. This is essential first of all in poker, since the ability to bluff professionally is valuable. But the same skills would be quite useful at a casino live.

There are a lot of blackjack variations when casino live dealer shows one card. The rules are very simple and you definitely know them. If a face up card is an ace or gives 10 points, in this case the other card should be checked for blackjack. This is done the way casino live player has no chance of seeing dealer’s card. But the probability of casino live dealer revealing his combination through his/her gestures and emotions shouldn’t be excluded. Your goal is to read casino live dealer. That’s how you get serious edge over casino live.

It would be wrong to say that every dealer makes this type of mistake. Experienced casino live dealers stay indifferent and give no hint of what they could possibly have. It would be a problem to find the dealer you can read, but nevertheless, it’s possible. Your task is to find such casino live dealer and play.

If player can read not only his/her opponents, but casino live dealer as well, that skill makes professional player a real master. It’s important for casino live players to be able to remember and analyze opponents’ actions, their mimics and gestures. Blackjack dealer has to follow very strict rules, that’s what casino live requires.

We recommend observing casino live dealer’s work. If dealer spends different time to check cards, you’ll definitely have a chance to profit from that. In addition, you can learn how exactly casino live dealer reacts on various cards. You should remember all non standard mimics and gestures and find out what cards causes such a reaction.