Shopping can be difficult if you are just a girl in the big city. Expectations of people have skyrocketed over past years. Your appearance is everything today, the most vital element of any introduction. People have mastered the art of judging the book by its cover. And you know what they say – if you can beat them, joint with them.

All in all, new challenges make shopping fun. I love buying dresses on but I’ve also mastered the art of picking the right one. This skill did not come overnight and god only knows how many dresses are lost in despicable depth of my wardrobe never to be worn again because I look hideous in them.

And now it’s time to share my choosing skills with the world! Thus my ultimate shopping guide begins!

Choose the style that will represent your body

Clothes can make your waist slimmer, breasts larger or even smaller. Depending on the case – go for what works with you!

Patterns: Vertical lines make you slimmer. Horizontal lines, on the other hand are a stunning optical illusion of enlargement. A bright accent will always attract the eye while concealing some less screaming elements. That’s why shirts with patterns work well while emphasizing your breasts. All in all, play around with this information and decide what you wish to show to the world.

Make sure your dress fits like it was tailored for you. If your clothes fit well they are usually quite comfortable to wear and don’t make your appearance sloppy. Short herm can make you visually shorter and baggy shirts will add some unnecessary weight.

Only buy those clothes that are stunning on you NOW. Those shoes can look godlike but what’s the pint if you’ll walk in them like mama goose? If that one button does not work like it should with that perfect shirt – look for a bigger size; don’t invest in something you might not wear at all.

Forget about fission. If you are not on the stage of any fashion show in Milan – go for the classics. Pair shoes with your purse, mix black with red and white with blue, stay classy. If those hyper-baggy jeans are peaking in trends right now and you are too slim to wear those with grace – don’t even bother.

Choose your clothes based on your skin and hair tones. Red heads with pale skin look great in blues, greens and browns. Blonds can experiment with platinum and cold colors. Darker girls will become a great contrast to white or red dresses.

Complementary colors are your everything! While choosing accessories, go for opposite sides of the color wheel.