No matter of whether you’re heading to the beautiful beaches of Australia, or the dazzling casinos of Las Vegas, taking a long-distance flight always represents a challenge for even the most seasoned of travelers.

So here’s a look at the best ways that you can not only add a little comfort to your trip, but even make it enjoyable too!

Once you’ve stashed your bag in the overhead compartment, then you have the prospect of trying to get comfortable with pretty limited leg-room. This is why many travelers are starting to use compression stockings for their long-distance flight, as they not only help blood flow, but can stave off some pretty nasty health conditions too.

Whilst we might be tempted to use alcohol as a way to get through the hours of flight-time, this can be a bad option as the cabin’s low air pressure means that booze can seem like it’s three times as strong as on land – and nobody wants to arrive in their dream destination with a nasty hangover!

This is why it’s always good to try and stay hydrated on a long-haul flight, so be sure to buy a big bottle of water when you’ve passed through security. And if you need a drink to calm your nerves, then don’t mix your drinks.

If you’re unable to sleep, then most airlines have done a pretty good job of supplying dozens of movies and games through the in-flight entertainment system. And whilst efforts to implement Wi-Fi into planes may be limited, it’s given us the glamorous prospect of being able to play online slots games at 30,000 feet thanks to the Betway online gaming site.

Games are always a pretty good option when flying as they can relieve stress and can also make time pass quicker. But in order to really enjoy a game, a book or even a movie, then you’ll probably need some decent noise-cancelling headphones so that you’re not too distracted.

Similarly, having an eye-mask will also boost your chances of getting some sleep, and no long-distance traveler should board a flight without an inflatable neck pillow that will add a much-needed level of comfort to those notorious airline seats!

So whether you’re reading a guide book about your destination, playing the online slots, or just trying to get some sleep, there are plenty of ways to make that long-distance flight a little more bearable!