Movavi Photo Noir

Black and white photography has a long and storied history, and till today many photographers consider it an excellent medium. Because of that many photographers often convert their color photos to black and white using filters that are built-in to digital cameras, or using photo editors.

Irrespective of the method that you’re using, there are 3 tips in particular that you should follow if you want to make sure your black and white photos look stunning:

Make full use of the contrast of the scene

Unlike color photography where contrast is often avoided, in black and white photography can help accentuate the photo. Having dark black in some areas of your photo will in turn make the white areas look brighter, and the range of greys that are set against either will stand out even more.

Experiment with long exposures

Long exposures can be used to produce some really amazing black and white photos as they will darken some of the shadowy areas and make any highlights stand out more as a result. It is common to use long exposures when you want to produce a black and white photo involving clouds, waves, or other movement – as it will also create a very attractive blur.

Movavi Photo Noir

Pay close attention to the textures

One of the hallmarks of black and white photography is how it makes textures appear and accentuates them to create spectacular images. When you are choosing to snap a photo of any scene, pay close attention to the textures that are in it as well as how they may contrast with one another.

Although the black and white filters that are built-in to digital cameras can help, if you want to truly control how your photos turn out and make sure they look great then you should turn to Movavi Photo Noir. It is an easy-to-use software that can help you make a photo black and white while ensuring that it looks stunning.

Within Movavi Photo Noir you’ll find 14 different filters that will each help you produce a different kind of artistic black and white photography. Additionally it will let you adjust and refine the exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, and much more – so that your photo really does look perfect. If you want you could even use Movavi Photo Noir to highlight particular details with creative splashes of color.

In short if you are looking for a simple way to produce spectacular black and white photos, Movavi Photo Noir should definitely be the first thing on your radar. All it will take is a few clicks for you to get started turn your photos into black and white masterpieces.