Earnings by betting appeared in ancient times. As you know, in Ancient Rome days, people were making bets on gladiatorial combat. Later betting began to focus on sports, including equestrian. And now the most modern facility of bookmaking is eSports. It was born recently but already gained huge popularity. Its essence lies in the fact that people bet on some cyber teams that take part in appropriate computer games’ competitions.


Common information

eSports is not less popular than other sports; it has gained his fans along with the development of computer technology. Betting on teams and betting on competition results for gamers has become available recently, but now they can be used to win a lot of money. Before joining the eSports fans Army, you need to have an idea about it. There are specific competitions, which deters best players in the most popular computer games. eSports betting is recommended to those who are familiar with such events peculiarities. Today it is not only entertainment, but also an opportunity to earn extra income. Often bookmakers take bets on Counter-Strike, Тeam Fortress, Warcraft, Doom, Dota, World of Tanks и Mortal Kombat.

Advantages and disadvantages

ESports betting has its favorites and outsiders, therefore the strategies don’t differ from other sports. It has its advantages and disadvantages, they are:

  • High frequency of events regardless of the seasons. Often games are held 3-4 times per day.
  • Everyone is in a familiar environment. Either gamers or punters are connected by the Internet and are familiar with the peculiarities of online games.
  • Team replacements are always prescribed in advance. This allows you to make more accurate predictions.

In addition to the benefits, bets on such competitions have their characteristics:

  • Replacement of one player can dramatically affect the course of the competition and lead to unexpected results.
  • Time and place of the competition also affect the results, because after long flights a team plays worse.
  • Team’s tactics play the important role. Even the undisputed leader may be at the bottom of the table competition.


Making bets on eSports has its advantages. Bookmakers have not got analysts in eSports, so you can easily find an event with a good ratio, which does not correspond to the real alignment of forces. A high frequency of games allows you to play every day and will appeal to those who prefer to bet against leaders. But most importantly, the narrow focus, specificity and relative closeness of the community. This means that there is always information which is not available to bookmakers, but useful batters. Experienced players always have an opportunity to beat the bookie and get an impressive win.