QuitDay is filled with all the resources you need to quit smoking. As long as you have the determination to follow through your plan to the end, you will be free of tobacco cigarettes for the rest of your life. That said, there are still plenty of challenges to face along the way; unfortunately, not everyone can muster the strength and determination to face them. This is where getting the help of a nurse practitioner can be a good solution.

According to studies by Bradley University, nurse practitioners are in the best position to help smokers quit. The best practitioners are holders of a Nurse Practitioner Doctorate degree, so they are immensely qualified to help find the best solution to your smoking problems. More importantly, nurse practitioners are also capable of dealing with the side effects of quitting tobacco cigarettes.

You can find out more about nurse practitioners and how they are changing our healthcare system by reading the full infographic: Nurse Practitioners: Improving Quality of Care and Saving Costs by http://onlinedegrees.bradley.edu/.

Nurse Practitioners