Hide My Ass VPN

The logo of this VPN provider is quite provoking one, and the company itself seems to be a bit embarrassed by the name of the software so that it uses an abbreviation – HMA. The new version of this VPN software have appeared recently, and it looks nice, designed in blue color and more convenient interface. It features good graphics and 3 modes. More information about this site can be found in Hide My Ass VPN review below.

The first mode is instant one; it connects to the closest server and gives you an opportunity to test HMA service to understand if it is suitable for you. The next is Location Mode, and it allows you to select the area you want to have an access to. Hide My Ass VPN has its servers on different continents, including Europe, Australia, North America. You can access restricted content in more than 190 countries all over the watch movies, TV shows and be able to download different content.

There is also Freedom Mode, which allows you to connect the closest free service I order to get an access to different websites. This more can be suitable for those people in the Far East, who have not got an opportunity to use Google or Facebook. It is also good options for citizens of the countries, where BitTorrent trackers are blocked.

The pricing of Hide My Ass VPN service is almost the same as other VPN providers offer. You will have to pay about $50 per year. There is one drawback in this company, as it gives you an opportunity to connect only two devices at the same time, while the majority of other providers offer you to use up to five devices simultaneously, and they do not ask for higher payment.

Hide My Ass is VPN provider, base in the Great Britain so that you will have easy and quick access to the content in US, Canada, Australia and other countries. It does not keep any logs so that you can be sure that your anonymity is preserved. You can also confident in the level of protection, as HMA uses the most secure protocols.

Hide My Ass VPN

Pros: the price of HMA is quite reasonable ones. They are not higher than in the majority VPN providers on the market, but the quality of their services is an excellent one. The interface of its software looks good and it is easy to use, as you can install it in few clicks.

Cons: You can use only two devices at the same time when rival companies make it possible to use 5 devices simultaneously. Although VPN should give an access to websites in different countries, Netflix does not work.