Skype Spanish Lesson 1

Did you know that there were around 663 million Skype users worldwide as of the year-end of 2016 with the total Skype-traffic of about 167 billion minutes? It is no wonder that from the very beginning of its existence, the software has become a real headache for all mobile operators. Nowadays, people use skype for different purposes: some apply it for business communication, while others make use of software for their personal needs. On the top of all that, Skype has recently become a useful tool for conducting lessons and training sessions for people who are in different parts of the globe. E-learning has already earned an army of fans since it has a lot of benefits in terms of its comfort, effectiveness, reliability, time and money spending, as well as adaptability.

But how to use the functionality of Skype at maximum and find a professional Spanish tutor avoiding all the risks associated with internet scammers and overpaying? Luckily, there is Preply – a service with an extended database of professional language, subject or hobby teachers from all over the world. Preply will reduce any risks and this makes the platform worth using. Another important argument in favor of using Preply and learning Spanish through online communication with a teacher on Skype is saving time and not by means of the lesson duration. We are talking about long journeys from one point where a student lives to another place where the teacher works. Learning Spanish online with Skype has been a relief for residents of large cities, where it takes much time to travel to the place of study. In small towns there is another problem: a shortage of talented and experienced tutors. In addition, Preply is expanding the borders and allows you to engage with teachers from other countries, including Spain, Portugal, and Italy. When on the Preply platform, you have access to the whole list of tutors with comprehensive information regarding their location, experience, knowledge, as well as some personal data. So you can make an arguable decision when selecting a personal tutor.

Skype Spanish Lesson 2

Skype Spanish lesson online allows you plan your class schedule in the most efficient way without sacrificing any other important matters. This is especially true in cases when the required intensive language learning course takes more than 3 times per week. Lessons in Skype can be carried out on Sunday morning because neither you nor your teacher need to waste too much travel time.

Another indisputable advantage of using a Preply platform and learning Spanish by Skype is the opportunity to travel without any interruption from the educational process. Wherever you are, you just need to carry your laptop, smartphone or tablet, and have a good internet connection in order to participate in the lesson. This problem may not be so prevalent for students or housewives, but businessmen aspiring to the excellence and honing their language skills will definitely benefit from training via Skype. Such online Spanish learning allows developing their language skills in the most comfortable setting. The main thing here is having a high-speed internet connection and a complete focus on the lesson. Your geographic location no longer matters. On the functional panel of the platform, you can simply set up filters choosing a convenient place for the lesson, selecting whether to hold your lesson at the tutor’s place or a lesson at home.

The use of modern technical possibilities is mainly attributed to the benefits of the online learning Spanish with the teacher. Thus, a tutor can at any time send you a text document, spreadsheet, audio file, a link to a video or presentation on the topic being studied. Some of the online teachers also use the opportunity of creating personal dictionaries with the record of word pronunciation. Thus, at the end of classes, a student has access to the whole vocabulary that he needs to remember for the next lesson. In addition, engaging in Spanish with the help of Preply and Skype, you can always find the information you need urgently on the Internet; this advantage is equally appreciated by both students and teachers.

What is more important, your funds are under protection of the Preply platform. If you have purchased a package of classes, your money is safely saved in your account. Teachers only get payments for each confirmed lesson. There is no other chance of writing off money from your account. Besides, during the first lesson, you’ll be able to understand whether the teacher suits your needs. If the tutor does not match your learning expectations or the lesson doesn’t take place, Preply will refund you the full paid amount or pay for your class with another tutor. After each lesson, you will have a chance to evaluate professionalism of a tutor and leave a feedback. In such a way, you can also check on student reviews before buying a lesson with this or that tutor. As you can see, everything is comfortable, safe, and transparent with Preply!