When planning a trip, it is necessary to care not only about the tickets, housing and insurance. The question of storage and usage of money is equally important. The days when travelers were treated with a wad of cash are gone. Advanced travelers have long been using plastic cards.

Almost everyone likes to find low cost airline tickets, good hotel, economical housing for the long term etc. But looking for the benefit in such matters, you can easily pay a decent amount for unfavorable currency conversion for cash withdrawals in “foreign” ATMs. In case of any problems, you have to spend a lot of money on roaming charges on calls to support the bank. Even more dangerous is to be reckless and become a victim of fraud! It is unpleasant situation to be left without money abroad.


How to choose suitable card?

To find a suitable credit card, there are some important steps you need to take. But before that, it’ll be nice to get acquitted with few criteria:

1. The Bank must be convenient for you – by location, availability of a wide network of ATMs, or through previous cooperation.
2. The cost of cards in different banks can differ significantly. Read the information on the Bank or call the call center.
3. Bonuses, discounts, unique services, gifts from the Bank’s partners, promotions, and guarantee card are all important things to note.

Another selection criterion is the purpose for which you want to get a card. If you are going to take a self-guided journey, you will need a card which can be used via the Internet to book hotel and ticket. Classification of maps, if you look at the ascending order looks like this: Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum, World and premium segment. Book a hotel and buy a ticket, you can use the card class not lower than Classic. Lower than Classic are Electron and Maestro, with which you will not be able to buy a plane ticket or rent a car through the Internet. The bank cannot guarantee that by using Electron you can pay for goods and services on the Internet, because not all portals work with this class of cards. They belong to the economy class and their advantage lies in its low cost service, but abroad you can only withdraw cash or pay at the store, and sometimes have no ability to use it at all.

Travel Card

Premium class

If you like to “show off” the status, it’s possible to obtain more functional cards. But you should pay attention to the Gold and Platinum cards, which are premium. They are expensive to use, but generally have a wider set of features with an attractive bonus program.

Choose the one you like. It’s up to you!