American Football

Colin Kaepernick opts out of contract with 49ers. The quarterback who made a name for himself during the last season with his sitting protest will be a free agent. This information was released on March 3, 2017. It seems the development comes as a mutual decision by the player and the club to part ways. Even though the QB opted out of his contract, the club also indicated that they would have let him go if he had not opted out. As the two parties part way there are a lot of questions that are raised. Some of these questions we will try to answer in the article so continue reading.

What Is Next For Kaepernick

There is definitely life after the 49ers for the star athlete. As you can expect there is no shortage of American football teams that would be interested in signing such a talented player. The player made a name for himself as one of the best quarterbacks of his generation. Playing for the 49ers on its own is an achievement any pro football player would be proud of. In fact, making it on to the lineup of the National Football Leagues is a great feat.

The player deserves to have his own brand for what he did to raise awareness for the “black lives matter movement”. Someone should at least make a real money online casino game based on the player,for more information regarding online casino visit Those that were offended by Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem can relax. He promises to stand for the anthem in the next season.

However for Kaepernick there might be another line employment that has presented itself. Far exceeding his playing stats in relevancy is his sitting protest. Because the player chose to stand-up (or rather sit down) for very important issue in society he could successfully move to social activism. It takes a special kind of person to make the kind of statement that Colin made. Regardless of how you feel about it racism is a virus that could possible destroy social fabric. Left unchecked racism has led to horrible events like the holocaust.