There are always two problems that are of concern to many people. The first one is how to find love, and the second one is how to overcome a break up. While some people are deliriously happy with love relationships and are on cloud nine, other folks suffer pain, disappointment and loneliness because a big love story is over. Curiously, the more lovers concentrate on each other and forget all their activities and friends, the lonelier they feel and the harder for them it is to overcome the empty feeling afterwards in case love is gone.

That’s why the idea to go to dating site for friendship for those experiencing a painful break up is not so surprising as it may seem first. Indeed, dating sites are strongly associated with love affairs. By clicking on popular links, users enter a space where on every virtual street corner they can meet Mr./Ms. Right or Great Love Again. But many people forget that on the same corner they can meet just good and interesting people sharing your thoughts and outlook on life, reading the same books, and preferring the same activities. Even a simple talk with a like-minded person may be more useful and relieving than several visits to physiologists.

Surely, if you have a lot of real life friends who will not let you lock yourself in the room and make you go outside, then you’re in safe hands, and sooner or later your social life as well as you yourself will be fine. Online friendship will save you in case your friendly relationships are broken and covered with the sands of oblivion. When you have no energy to go outside, you’ll hardly find it for reviving friendship. It can be mended, for sure, but the moment when you feel grief and depression is not the right moment to mend it.

On the flip side, online friendship and heart-to-heart talks are not some miracle cure-all. Eventually, you’ll have to deal with that devastating feeling of emptiness that fell on your head. Just accept it and feel it instead of deceiving yourself and hiding it deeply into your heart. Any break-up, a sudden divorce, betray, or a loss of the loved one are not easy to experience. It takes time to return to a usual way of life and enjoying it without a person who used to be the center of your life. Online talking to the like-minded people that had the same experience is just a fragile attempt to help yourself, to send SOS to the society and strike home.