It’s safe to say that spring is definitely on its way, with summer following closely behind. As the temperatures start to rise and the sun shows its face more frequently, our choices in fashion change drastically to reflect the weather. Saying goodbye to darker shades and instead opting for bright colors and light fabrics, spring is the perfect time to update your clothing collection and make sure it’s prepared for the change in season.

Switching up your clothing choices can be easy for spring, thanks to an incredibly popular and classic trend. Florals work time and time again; as soon as the sun comes out, we look towards designs that reflect the season and florals do it flawlessly. Signifying that the better half of the year is finally on its way, it might be time to update your clothing collection ready for the summer!

Reinventing Summer Florals

While floral prints are very popular, they do reinvent themselves across a number of styles, bringing together numerous designs in one flowery package. From recent ruffle sleeves to cold shoulder dresses, florals can work beautifully across a number of different styles.

Whether it’s small, feminine floral print, or something much bigger and bolder, it’s the right time of year to embrace the trend and really get the most out of it. Let Influence Fashion give you a little inspiration for including florals into your collection this season.

Summer Florals

Using Bold Shades

Spring and summer are known for their influence on fashion, especially in the form of florals. However, you don’t always have to choose pastel shades and pretty pink flowers. This season, make a bold choice and include some unique colours for a different approach to the floral trend.

This can give your floral collection a distinctive look, appealing to those who are desperate to inject a bit of color back into their wardrobe. Whether it’s a vibrant, royal blue, or large flowers instead of a smaller print, there are many different ways to adopt summer florals. Likewise, choosing rather unusual colors is another way of adding an eye-catching element to your collection this spring.

Bold Shades

Use Other Popular Trends

Sometimes, a floral print on its own is not enough to appeal to your audience. With countless other popular trends out there for spring and summer, combining various designs is the perfect way to create a summer wardrobe.

Some of the biggest trends to hit the fashion industry lately has included the ruffle sleeve; perfect for the summer season when combined with a floral print. Making sure your clothing collection is ahead of the curve, you are able to reinvent the floral pattern and offer something different.

Other popular trends that are teamed well with floral prints include feminine Bardot dresses and cold shoulder playsuits; visual pieces that will work across spring and summer.

Popular Trends
With endless choice in color and pattern, the floral print lends itself to so many different designs. Make the most of the spring and summer weather and ensure your clothing collection is right on trend.