It is finally festival season and most of us already have a calendar full of events to attend throughout the summer. With all the tickets bought and the weekends away sorted, it is time to turn your attention to deciding on the perfect festival wardrobe.

Parisian Wholesale know that finding the perfect outfits, trends and looks for your summer festivals can take a lot of hard work. Are you opting for comfort? Style? Or both? Here is how you can dress to impress for all your summer festivals this year:

Starting At The Top With Headpieces

Every festival wardrobe needs floral headpieces. Full of color, full of style and perfect no matter the weather. These floral headpieces can be garlands, headbands or even hairpins which means they work with every hairstyle. For those with naturally curly hair they look beautiful in among the curls, for those having a bad hair day they can be added as a headband to a plait which also keeps your hair out of your eyes as well.

These are necessary for any festival wardrobe because they keep your outfit looking bright, full of color and fun even if the weather isn’t great. Choose a range of different pieces and see how they work with your outfits.

Festival T-Shirts, Tops and Jumpers

Festival T-Shirts

When packing your bag for a festival you might be deciding between comfort and style when choosing which clothes make the cut. T-shirts and tops need to be comfortable, easy to pack, re-wearable and still look great. This also applies to jumpers too.

Choose comfy but bold jumpers that will keep you warm when it is colder at night. This season has fallen in love with the distressed look which means your festival wardrobe should be no different. Distressed jumpers are quirky, trendy and yet comfortable.

When it’s time to choose your day wear outfits for the festivals the best t-shirts are cropped and full of color which means they work with a plain denim skirt or shorts. Fold them, scrunch them, re-wear them and then dance the night away at your chosen festival.

Festival Denim, Denim Shorts and Skirts

Festival Denim

Choosing outfits is easy if you pick a base layer to stick with throughout. Instead of opting for a thousand different skirts and shorts you can choose from a range of denim that suits any festival.
Match a denim skirt or pair of shorts with any distressed jumper or t-shirt for the perfect dressed down look. Denim can be folded and packed easily as well as being a comfortable option if you have to do a lot of walking.

Playsuits And Dresses For All Weather


Although you might want to avoid jumpsuits that are baggy and can easily get dirty, playsuits and dresses are a stylish, elegant, and easy to wear at a festival.

With floral being the must have pattern for festivals this year, it is only right that you choose a range of playsuits and dresses that are head to toe floral.

The bright bold patterns, stylish designs and comfortable fabrics mean that you can sing, dance and enjoy the festival looking fantastic.

Dress to impress this festival season with a wardrobe full of comfortable, beautiful and stylish clothing.