Energy Tea

Do you feel tired in the morning? Are you lacking energy throughout the day? Replace your coffee addiction with energy tea. Eliminate fatigue and improve your daily energy levels with a tasty, refreshing beverage that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Why use Tea as an Energy Tonic?

Tea has been used in eastern culture for thousands of years for its medicinal and therapeutic effects. This valuable herbal remedy has been used to cure a wide variety of diseases and disorders.

There are different species of tea with specific biological advantages when consumed. Certain teas can assist with easing hypertension while others help to regulate blood sugar. Each variety of tea has its own unique properties.

Master tea blenders have a deep knowledge of each tea’s benefits and blend different varieties together to create blended herbal teas that have specific functions and benefits when consumed regularly.

The Best Energy Tea Blend

Choosing a tea blend can be somewhat overwhelming. There are so many varieties and blends to choose from, where do you start?

It’s best to look blends that have a base of Oolong or Green tea, these teas have been proven to increase energy levels and provide a good dose of antioxidants as well.

Added Ingredients for added Benefit

Tea leaves have huge benefits for health and when combined with other superfoods and herbs, they can be blended into a super energy tea with fantastic health benefits. Other ingredients to check for on your tea ingredient list are:

  • Lemongrass – Soothing for the nervous system, with restorative properties, perfect for the morning.
  • Ginseng – A root that has been processed and commonly used as an energy tonic in eastern medicine for centuries.
  • Yerba Mate – The Holly tree, native to South America provides this chocolaty tasting natural energy source.
  • Gogi Berry – A powerful super fruit rich in antioxidants and containing high anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Peppermint leaves – Soothing and tasty, the best way to sooth your bowels and improve GI tract function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Native to colder European climates, this flowering plant has been used by Scandinavian populations as a cognitive enhancer and energy boosting formula.

Vitamins for Energy

Your herbal energy tea blend should also provide you with essential vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Potassium – Balances the blood and removes free radicals, preventing heart attack and stroke.
  • Magnesium – Essential for cell production and health as well as strong bones and teeth.
  • Vitamins A, C, D, E – Vital for immune support and a glowing skin.
  • Vitamin B complex – Eliminate free radicals and improve metabolic function.

The Benefits of using an Energy Tea

Energy teas are a much healthier alternative to give you the boost you need. When compared to traditional energy drinks that are packed with sugar and caffeine, an energy tea presents a healthy alternative that boosts you without the sugar crash.

You can expect some amazing benefits that extend beyond just improved energy levels. The added ingredients in herbal energy teas can assist you with a myriad of health benefits.

  • Improved Immune response
  • Better metabolic function, which can result in fat loss.
  • Suppression of food cravings due to better blood sugar regulation.
  • Enhanced cognitive function and improved concentration.
  • Better digestion and support for gut bacteria.
  • Improved oxygen absorption to the bloodstream.
  • No sugar, caffeine or harmful stimulants.