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It is that time of the year where new comics are set to hit the market. For the comic lovers, you know that it is a thrilling experience when you anticipate a new comic yet to be released.

Comics give life to the action heroes and rejuvenate your urge to read them. With the comic books, you can never get enough of it all as they come with a different and unique twist. There are those that come in different issues every year. This builds excitement, which increases the level of anticipation by the reader. Just as casino aficionados don’t joke with the Netbet casino tips online as it helps to find out how to win big playing their favorite games for real money. The following are the most anticipated comics you should expect, this summer of 2017:


It features a tale of a female musician who lives in a cabin in the woods where all sorts of strange things happen. Nothing good takes place in the woods and this comic gives a clear view of what to expect. For the lovers of horror themed comics, this one will set the mood right. It is done by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay, who are no strangers to coming up with epic comic books.



As an artist and writer of this comic, Jonathan Hickman makes his way to the market again, with another classic comic. With his previous work on Pax Romana and The Nightly News, Hickman is set to make waves with this new comic published by Image Comics this summer.

Secret Empire

It is yet another one at Marvel Comics. From the look of things, it seems another hero-themed novel will rock the minds of the readers. It is written by Nick Spencer who also authored the Avengers Forever, and thus you can expect to experience more action with this comic. It will be no short of action and thrilling adventures as you warm up to a hero in the making.

Secret Empire


Another superwoman featured comic will grace the summer of 2017. It features a worrior woman who has a set of powerful fighting skills. However, she does not walk alone in this battle. She has a team to help keep the city safe. It is a Marvel comic by Joe Quinones and Gabby Rivera. You can therefore expect big things with this one.

Snow Day

It features a sheriff, Spencer, who is not familiar with the cold and snowy surroundings he has found himself in. As the title suggests, he has to deal with the harsh climate; but that is not all. He has to deal with a community that is not that friendly while he tries to execute his duties as an officer of the law. The comic is by Pierre Wazem and Antoine Aubin where they tell the tales of Spencer in the snowy town.