Every girl participating in a beauty pageant believes that she will be a winner and am sure they work hard with their instructors to do so. When it comes to beauty pageant competitions, looking all glam and sexy is one thing, but there are other things that you need to put in practice as well to be able to emerge a winner. Some of these tactics include the speech to give, how to catwalk, the posture to use and also how to look at the judges. These things are essential as well. Learn more about the pageant styles and dresses at and gather some ideas that you can incorporate into your look.

Other tips on how to stand out in a pageant competition:

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Prepare for screen session

Before you are passed to contest for pageant clown, first of all, all the girls go through screening whereby they still do the activities required to be done during the actual show competition in front of the judge. Well, some may think this is not a very critical stage, but it is very crucial as it will determine whether you will qualify for the competition or not. Also, this step allows the judges to see if you fit the required qualification for competitors such as the height, face flawlessness, and other body measurement requirement as well and that is the reason people are requested not to wear any makeup and wear hugging body clothes. Have all the personal documents required ready and also do a lot of practice regarding cat walking, striking poses and most of all how to describe yourself in front of the judges.

Be open minded

Taking your pageant career serious is very crucial, and this involves being on time and willing to learn. Always get to the station earlier as this shows that you are committed to what you are doing and may earn you some marks, listen to the person who is giving you briefs to ensure that you follow all the rules and requirements to the letter. Make sure that your make up artist is there on time to avoid last minute rushes which can cause you to be confused and end up forgetting all the important details. Also, know all the people from the judges, sponsors, and the Ushers as well so it does not look rude when you ask their names in front of other individuals. Such information is given during the screening day, and therefore it is important to keep it in mind.

Be involved

Beauty pageants usually participate in different activities such as helping around the community and cleaning as well. So be prepared and cooperative when performing these activities as the more you are willing to help the more the judges will recommend you. It is also important to take care of your body by wearing body creams that protect your skin from the harsh outdoor climates. Your beauty is a part of getting you to win, and so you need to take care of it. Have a good relationship with your trainers and fellow pageant queens as well and above all be focused and attentive.

Prepare for the competition day

The last important tip is to prepare for the big day. Practice all the choreography taught by the instructors, all the cat walking poses and also the confidence required in answering the pageant questions. Every stage that you undergo during the pageant program is crucial from the time that you walk through the runway to the questions and answers session. So practice as many times as you can to perfect your routines.