You’ve got an anniversary coming up. It’s getting closer and you’re beginning to panic. You don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift and you’re running short of ideas. If that sounds like you, relax. We found this compilation of creative anniversary ideas and low-cost anniversary gifts, and also added a few more below to help you out.

1. Send Him on a Hunt — A Scavenger Hunt, That Is

Gift-giving expert Karen Pine says that many people worry that because they have difficulty coming up with the perfect gift for a spouse means they don’t know them well. Pine says the opposite is true. Pine explains, “The more the relationship matters, the more we worry about getting it right.” That’s a relief, isn’t it? Forget the worry and let your creativity shine. You can find the perfect gift, even if your budget is tight.

One of the most creative and fun low-cost anniversary gifts you can give is a scavenger hunt. It’s almost as much fun creating the hunt as it is to watch your guy play. Your theme is your anniversary, of course, but you have a lot of choices about how you want to write clues and actions he has to perform to get to the prize.

For example, with each clue, give him something to collect. Collection item ideas include a single picture of the two of you, a newspaper clipping about your wedding, your wedding announcement, honeymoon plane ticket stub, memento, a romantic token or other small object related to the times you’ve shared. Place one with each clue for him to collect.

Your clues can be as simple or complicated as you like. A simple, “Look on the kitchen counter to collect the next treasure” works or, if you want him to work just a little harder, come up with some fun riddles or sayings to direct him to the next spot. Clues can be all one type or mixed up, a few with simple instructions, some with a photo destination and a mini-puzzle or two. Keep your romantic theme throughout.

And the prize? Is it you in the bedroom ready to celebrate? That’s up to you.

2. Appeal to His Senses

If being with your guy makes perfect “sense,” how about a gift that matches? Small gifts that appeal to each sense: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, are sure to delight. A sight gift could be a DVD he’s been wanting, the smell gift could be a bottle of his favorite cologne, a sound gift might be a music CD, taste could be his favorite gourmet coffee and touch could be something romantic the two of you can share. Wrap each gift separately, label them and place them in a basket or wooden box.

3. Plan a Movie Date

Believe it or not, you can still have a movie date and stay on budget. Many communities have dollar theaters where older films are shown. Or, choose a less-expensive matinee showing rather than the pricy prime time event. Some communities have free movie in the park nights, where you can take a blanket and cuddle. Or have a movie date night right at home.

4. Head to the Museum

Take a day off work and spend time together. Head to the museum, take in the local art gallery or stroll around the park. Busy lives often mean times like these are rare. Give each other the gift of time.

5. Drink Up the Local Watering Hole

Many local bars have open mic nights, where regional musicians and comedians test their material. Take your guy out for a drink or two and soak up the local talent.

See? You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts to show your husband you care.